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Time to Make Some Changes

Ok, so we’re going to make some changes here at Service Uniform. First, no more RFID tracking. Second, we’re switching over to robots as our customer service representatives. Lastly, everyone will be force to wear neon green and pink to work. What is this, opposite day? Actually, it is! For… Read More

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Compliments Are Powerful

If you’re having a rough day, one thing that can really turn your day around is a sincere compliment. In and out of work, compliments are powerful tools to boost self-esteem and motivation. As uniform people, we know the power a compliment can have on a certain individual as well… Read More

Service Uniform

Don’t Ditch Your Resolutions

Let’s face it; some resolutions are hard to keep. Lose weight Do I have to give up my morning coffee? And buy a treadmill? Get organized I am organized. Just because everything is cluttered doesn’t mean I don’t know where stuff is. It’s an organized mess. Volunteer More Time is… Read More

Service Uniform

It’s Fun to Dress Up

Everyone with a family pet knows that these furry creatures usually develop a personality of their own. Some big dogs look tough on the outside but are really sweet cuddlebugs that just want to be in your lap. Maybe it’s because of this connection we have with our animals that… Read More

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Stick to Your Budget

As the year comes to a close, it’s time to think about 2015 programs and budgets. No one likes to spend time looking over numbers and figuring out a budget (except maybe the handful of accountants reading this), but it’s something that must be done. As you go through your plans… Read More

December 16, 2014 • Customized Uniforms, Uncategorized

Service Uniform Denver Colorado

Our End of Year Reflection

This past year has been such a great year for us! We formed new relationships, celebrated employee milestones, and did some work on our operations. One thing we accomplished that we’re really proud to show off is our newly redesigned website. We know that our customers want accurate information at… Read More

December 15, 2014 • Service Area in CO, Uncategorized

Service Uniform Denver Colorado

Happy Holidays from Service Uniform

We’re all pretty busy year-round but when the end of the year approaches everyone is feeling the crunch of time. With the holidays in full swing, we all have full schedules and finding quality time with friends and family may seem impossible at times. As a family-owned and operated company,… Read More