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Playing with coins

Easy Decisions with Service Uniforms

Here’s the scenario, it’s a hot day in July and you have a decision to make: should you wear a button work shirt or polo shirt for the week? With everything you have going on at work, sometimes it might be easier to just flip a coin instead of worry… Read More

Don't forget

Did You Forget Something Today?

You know those awkward dreams where you leave the house without an important piece of clothing? Like pants? Or maybe you’ve had a really rough morning and you forgot to put your socks on? We’ve all been there. Luckily, with a custom uniform rental program from Service Uniform, you don’t… Read More


Just Like Mom and Dad Used to Do

Raise your hand if you tried to dress yourself as a child and your parents took pictures of your attempt to match articles of clothing. We all seem to have a childhood photo of us as a child trying to match overalls with a tutu or a superman costume with… Read More


Independence Day

When running a business, everything needs to run as smooth as possible. You don’t have time for problems with outside vendors. If your current national uniform supplier is causing you issues like not answering your questions or providing poor customer service, it might be time to think of another solution.… Read More


Personal Relationships Go a Long Way

NOBODY likes to sit on hold. The company you’re calling could be playing the best hold music in the world but reality is you don’t have time to sit and wait for someone to answer your question. What’s worse is when you never actually speak to a human being but… Read More


Looking for a Boost in Productivity?

Remember a few short months ago how dark it got around 9 PM? Summer is great because with more sunlight the days just seem so much longer! With all of the “extra” time, are you more productive with your day? People do more during the long summer days not just at… Read More

American flag

An Image that Earns Respect

Here’s a fact, not everyone can wear the American flag on their uniform. Just like the military uniform itself, the American flag is a symbol of respect. According to the United States American Flag Code, the flag patch is for military personnel, firemen, policemen, and members of patriotic organization. Even… Read More