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Kentucky Derby Uniforms via Service Uniform

Kentucky Derby Uniforms

The founding father of the Kentucky Derby, Colonel M. Lewis Clark Jr., envisioned an elegant and contemporary fashion full of color and vitality. To this day the Kentucky Derby showcases the finest in spring fashions! The Kentucky Derby is notorious for big hats and bright suits. The race is one… Read More

water conservation

Earth Day: 5 Ways We Conserve Water

Earth Day is coming up on Friday, April 22nd. At Service Uniform, we believe that the environment is one of our greatest investments and continue to find more environmentally friendly ways to do business. Water conservation is a big initiative here. Learn more about how we do it: At the… Read More

April 18, 2016 • Just for Fun, Service Area in CO

Top 5 Places in Denver to Experience Spring via Service Uniform

Top 5 Places in Denver to Experience Spring

Springtime is finally here and we are excited to get outside! Here in Denver, we have amazing opportunities to see flowers bloom and to enjoy a beautiful Spring season. Here are a few local springtime activities we wouldn’t miss: The Butterfly Pavilion: There are over 5,000 animals at the Denver… Read More

debunking 3 myths about uniforms via service uniform

Debunking 3 Myths About Uniforms

The stigma behind uniforms may deter you from seeing the benefits of such programs. Below are some common myths that surround work uniforms and how they can be proven wrong. Uniforms mean a lack of individualism. Some people feel that wearing a uniform takes away the individual’s ability to express… Read More

Mud Season Clean

Mud Season Isn’t Only in the Mountains

Guess what? Mud season isn’t only in the mountains. As the ice and snow melt, mud will result anywhere there’s dirt—and that’s a lot of places. Are you prepared for the onslaught of mud this season? Here are a few ways to prepare! Wear the right shoes. Do you own… Read More

March 21, 2016 • Floor Mats, Service Area in CO

St Patricks Day Green

Different Ways to Wear Green… Even With a Uniform

Fun fact: Did you know that the original color associated with St. Patrick was blue? Because of the shamrock symbol that the Saint used to teach about the Holy Trinity, we now associate him with the color green and shower ourselves in it to celebrate. And now, give a big… Read More

March 14, 2016 • Just for Fun, Service Area in CO


Read This Letter from Our Customers

Why is our customer service the best in the business? Because we are always available to communicate with you, and we make everything simple and easy. But don’t just take our word for it. Take a glance at what Service Uniform customers had to say about us—it’ll be worth the… Read More