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The Strength of a Name

Do you ever think about how much fun it would be to be a different person for a day? Instead of getting up and going through your normal routine, for one day you could do everything differently. When presented with this question, most people started their day as a different… Read More

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Do Something Different for Valentine’s Day

Oh February, the month of love! Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday this year which means that everyone will be sharing the love for an entire weekend. Whether you’re spending the romantic weekend with someone you love or going solo, we know that all of our customers are going out for a… Read More

February 9, 2015 • Service Area in CO, Uncategorized

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Make a Friend Today

What makes you look forward to going to work? Is it the sense of accomplishment you get at the end of the day? The paycheck at the end of the week? For us here at Service Uniform, we love coming to work because we love what we do and we… Read More

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Did We Predict the Super Bowl?

Here’s an interesting fact we found about the NFL: Football teams that wear white jerseys are 29-18 in Super Bowl games. Here’s an additional supporting fact: Most recently, the teams wearing the white jerseys have won eight of the nine last Super Bowls. And who wore white last Sunday? The… Read More

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Time to Make Some Changes

Ok, so we’re going to make some changes here at Service Uniform. First, no more RFID tracking. Second, we’re switching over to robots as our customer service representatives. Lastly, everyone will be force to wear neon green and pink to work. What is this, opposite day? Actually, it is! For… Read More

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Compliments Are Powerful

If you’re having a rough day, one thing that can really turn your day around is a sincere compliment. In and out of work, compliments are powerful tools to boost self-esteem and motivation. As uniform people, we know what the power a compliment can have on a certain individual as… Read More

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Don’t Ditch Your Resolutions

Let’s face it; some resolutions are hard to keep. Lose weight Do I have to give up my morning coffee? And buy a treadmill? Get organized I am organized. Just because everything is cluttered doesn’t mean I don’t know where stuff is. It’s an organized mess. Volunteer More Time is… Read More