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The Power of Blue Chip

How do you know if Service Uniform is the right fit for your business? Well there are many ways we help businesses, but what we’re really known for is our Blue Chip System®. The Blue Chip System® is the most advanced tracking system in the region. The region! This means when you… Read More


No Such Thing as a Stupid Question

Is there really no such thing as a stupid question? Well if you’re chatting with a friend and he asks, “Are we sure the Earth isn’t flat?” you may think that there are less intelligent people in the world. However, here at Service Uniform, we think that all questions are good questions.… Read More

September 10, 2014 • Customer Service, Customized Uniforms

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A Big Hurrah for Working Parents

There’s no balance more difficult than juggling your career with raising a family. We have many working parents here at Service Uniform, and we know that the majority of our customers are also leading a double life. The stress of trying to prioritize and juggle the responsibilities of work and… Read More


Are You A Good Neighbor?

How familiar are you with your neighbors? Do you say hello in the mornings or do you have trouble remembering their names? Not so long ago everybody knew everybody else in their neighborhood, but now it seems like we only speak to those who live next to us in passing.… Read More

September 4, 2014 • Customer Service


Get Your Smile On

August is typically known as the start of back to school season, but there’s another fun holiday taking place this month. National Smile Week is held during the second week of August and we’re making sure that our smiles are extra bright this month to help spread good cheer. Ok,… Read More

August 18, 2014 • Customized Uniforms, Uncategorized

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Chip Turns Nine Years Old!

Happy Birthday Chip! Our favorite little guy turns nine years old this month and we had a party to celebrate. Chip is our energetic little mascot who loves to tell everyone about our unique Blue Chip System. Our Blue Chip System is the most accurate and advanced tracking system in… Read More


It’s Back to School Season

It’s back to school season and although we know that all of you are well past your grade school days, everyone can still feel the excitement of fall in the air. New wardrobes symbolize the start of the school year, but new clothes don’t always have to be the latest… Read More

August 6, 2014 • Customized Uniforms