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The History of Military Uniforms

Military uniforms have gone through quite the evolution in the last couple centuries. In the 1700s, makeshift uniforms were introduced to distinguish soldiers from the British. Today, uniforms boast highly researched tech specs to aide in camouflage. Walk through time with us as we examine the uniforms of our Veterans.… Read More


The Look of Summer Uniforms

If you’re under the age of 10, you can hear his jingle from a mile away. No, we’re not talking about Santa, were talking about the ice cream man! With the summer heat in full swing, who isn’t craving a sweet, cold treat? As an adult his jingle may not… Read More

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We are Service Uniform: Ed Baxter

At Service Uniform, our customers come first. Why do they choose us over our competitors? Because we provide unparalleled service. We care about our customers! Check out Ed Baxter‘s testimonial and join the Service Uniform Family! When you need something done, shipped, or changed, we are right here to make… Read More

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Summer Uniforms to Beat the Heat

If your employees are exposed to heat in the Spring and Summer, it’s important to keep them safe and happy with warm weather gear. Luckily there are so many options when it comes to choosing warm weather uniforms that suit your employees’ needs, and your company’s brand. Fabric, style and performance… Read More

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Memorial Day: Remembering Why We Celebrate

Happy Memorial Day! It’s that time of year, when business put on massive sales, parades are thrown, and speeches are made in honor of all the brave men and women who fought and died to defend our wonderful country in wars past. While Memorial Day carries a great meaning, do… Read More

May 23, 2016 • Just for Fun

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7 Ways Your Uniform Puts in Overtime

Your uniform works just like you, the same hours, same jobs, same situations…right? We’d like to argue that your uniform puts in overtime daily for your business. Uniforms are seen by everyone you encounter on your commute, lunch break and business meetings, exposing your brand to thousands of people daily.… Read More

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A History of the Uniform: Automotive Industry

It’s no secret that uniforms can be a game changer in a variety of industries, including restaurants, doctor’s offices, and distribution centers just to name a few. One fascinating industry that has almost always used uniforms is the automotive industry. Men and women who work on cars have constantly changed… Read More