Industrial Towel Services

The Service Uniform Towel Service saves you time & money.

Service Uniform offers a variety of commercial matting including: Scraper Mats, Brush Mats, Customized (Logo) Floor Mats, Safety Mats, Anti Fatigue.
You receive more use for every towel compared with shop rags or a paper towels. Storage of your shop towels is not necessary and disposal is not a problem.
Service Uniform shop towels, continuous roll towels and fender covers arrive clean, folded and stacked to your door and exchanged for your soiled ones on a regular basis in the exact quantities you require. No handling, purchasing or inventory time is necessary on your part.
Made specifically for industrial wiping purposes, Service Uniform shop towels are strong and super absorbent.

The Service Uniform towel service is automatic:
shop-towelarrowNo Investment
arrowNo Purchasing Time
arrowNo Handling
arrowNo Inventory
arrowNo Storage
arrowNo Washing & Sorting
arrowNo Disposal