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Does My Business Need Flame-Resistant Uniforms? - Service Uniform

flame resistant uniforms

With so many standards and regulations out there, it can be difficult to figure out what applies to your business and what doesn’t. How do you know whether you’re required to provide flame-resistant uniforms to your employees? And even if you’re not required, should you be providing them anyway?

OSHA has several guidelines that govern when flame-resistant apparel needs to be used. Let’s go over some standards and best practices for flame-resistant clothing.

Common Hazards

If your employees are subjected to any of the following conditions on a regular basis, then you probably should be providing flame-resistant clothing:

  • Working within reaching distance of exposed, energized items
  • Exposure to flames
  • Exposure to electric arcs

Victims can suffer from chronic pain and scarring, and injuries could even be fatal. Not only do you want to keep your employees safe, but refusing to provide flame-resistant clothing could end up costing your business a ton in lost wages and productivity, worker’s compensation, and even court costs if you have been found to be negligible in some way. 

These injuries can be prevented through training, eliminating as many hazards as possible, taking extra safety precautions, and, of course, flame-resistant apparel.

Regulations for Flame-Resistant Clothing

The OSHA standard “requires that workers be trained in the potential hazards of electric arcs and the flames they can produce by igniting other materials in the area” and “prohibits workers from wearing clothing that, in the presence of an arc, can potentially increase the extent of injury; that is, if the clothing would ignite and continue to burn, or if it melts on the skin. Thus, workers are generally prohibited from wearing clothing materials made entirely of, or blended with, synthetic materials such as acetate, nylon, polyester, or rayon.”

Essentially, if your workers are exposed to electric arc or flames and you haven’t provided them with flame-resistant apparel, you could face an OSHA citation.

Choose Flame-Resistant Uniforms from Service Uniform

To ensure that you’re providing safe and reliable flame-resistant apparel for your employees, choose products from Service Uniform! We provide FR clothing with high arc ratings in shirt, jean and coverall options so that you can get the level of protection that you need. 

You never know when an injury could occur. So, why wait any longer to get the protective clothing that your employees need? To get a quote on our flame-resistant apparel or other uniform options, give Service Uniform a call today at 303-936-4701 or fill out our online contact form. 

Our apparel representatives will help you assess the needs of your business and help you select clothing that complies with OSHA requirements.  


September 4, 2019 | Uniforms