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How to Manage Your Employee Uniforms

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Running a business takes time, energy, grit, and resources. Managing your employees’ uniforms requires the same. Time goes into washing, upkeep, and maintenance. Energy goes into sorting, managing, and ensuring they fit properly. Resources go into everything that’s required to keep them looking good.

Simply put, a lot goes into employee uniform management. How you do it makes all the difference in whether those uniforms become a burden or benefit to your business. 

Thankfully, there are services that make uniform management easier. Whether they’re utilized will determine how much uniform management you need to make time for. Each form of management has its benefits and drawbacks, especially when it comes to adding new employees.  

Keep reading to help decide which method is right for you! 


For the most “control” of your employee uniform supply, self-maintenance is always an option. The most demanding of time, energy, and resources, self-maintenance is the best way to keep constant eye on your uniforms. When you control the purchasing, washing, maintenance, upkeep, resizing, and management, you might save a little money. What that savings will cost you, though, needs to be taken into account. 

What you’re definitely not saving is time and energy. Whether it’s you or an employee who’s tasked with managing the uniforms, a lot is going into it. There’s: 

  • Time spent on self-management is the most of any form. With the amount of time that goes into washing, drying, ironing, and folding a crew’s uniforms is considerable. And this assumes that these materials can be simply loaded into a commercial washer and dryer. 
  • Energy requirements of uniform maintenance for business is hefty. Even if you’re paying an employee to do all of what’s required, you’re paying for energy they’re expending. If they haven’t been properly trained for the tasks, then odds are you’re not getting as much as you think.  
  • Resources required of adequate uniform management are also considerable. There are utilities, machinery (if owned), machine operating costs (if in laundromat), detergents, starchers, softeners, etc. And, when something goes wrong or a uniform gets damaged, that’s a repair bill or a new uniform all together. 

How to Add a New Employee to a Self-Maintenance System

When self-maintaining your uniforms, adding a new employee is as expensive and time consuming as it gets. There’s sizing, sourcing, fitting, and embroidery (if applicable) to take care of. Complicating this situation is that all of these tasks would likely be done by different sources. Somebody to buy from, fitting and sizing from somebody else, embroidery from somewhere else, and laundry done by a fourth party. That’s bill after bill after bill. All for one uniform. 

Ownership Plus a Uniform Laundering Service

When managing your own uniforms becomes too much, there’s always the option of hiring a laundry service. A laundry service will take your uniforms, clean, press, hang, and bring them back. As good as that sounds, a laundry service is a method of management rife with shortcomings. 

While you may not have to worry about the day-to-day cleanliness of your uniforms. There’s still cost of business variables to contend with. Rips, stains, burns, and wear-and-tear will still happen. A uniform laundry service will wash and return all the same, whether damage or stained. That means it’s still your responsibility to keep them looking good long term, and replace uniforms that are no longer presentable. 

That monthly uniform fee gets harder and harder to predict as time goes on. Then, when it’s time to upgrade or replace the batch, you’ve got to fork out the funding. It never ends.

How to Add a New Employee to a Uniform Laundry Service Operation

It’s the same as if you owned it entirely. A laundry operation is happy to wash uniforms that you give them, but they won’t help with your supply. Be it getting new uniforms, repairing the ones you have, or upgrading them, you’re still on your own. 

Full Uniform Service

The only way to save time, money, and energy, is by utilizing a professional, established, and dedicated uniform service. A full uniform service like Service Uniform will supply and fit your business’s uniforms while also cleaning, maintaining, and replacing them. Not only will Service Uniform completely manage your uniform needs, but they’ll upgrade them if you have the need. No headache, no lost time and energy. Just new uniforms and a new day. 

How to Add a New Employee to a Full Uniform Service Operation

Just ask and Service Uniform will deliver! Not only do we wash and maintain the uniforms you have, but we can add new uniforms to your supply when you need them. Talk about a hassle-free service!

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February 7, 2020 | Uniforms