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Mat Placement Guide

If you think placing a big floor mat at your facility’s main entrance is good enough to stop dirt, you’re in for a surprise. Not taking full and proper precautions in floor protection with floor mats jeopardizes floor cleanliness and employee safety.

If you’re not careful, you could put your business at risk for costly and dangerous slip and fall accidents.

Here’s how to get the best results from your floor mats with this handy mat placement guide:

Knowing Your Floor Mats

There are three things that determine how effective or ineffective your floor mat plan is, regardless of floor mat type and function:

  • Floor mat quality
  • Maintenance
  • Placement

Naturally, the inherent integrity of the floor mats’ construction and material are the biggest deciding factors of how well your floor mats can work for their intended purpose. There is no way a floor mat plan will ever work if you have inherently low-quality floor mats to begin with, or if the ones that you already have are maintained in a rather mediocre or improper manner.

Finally, strategically placing your floor mats is an uncomplicated way to arrange your mats according to their shoe-scraping capacities as well as combining different floor mats in certain areas for optimal functionality.

Proper Mat Placement

The key to proper mat placement is knowing the different mat types and what their characteristics are. That way, you can decide where they are most functional and how they can function in combination with other floor mats.

The most common types of floor mats include:

All our mats are designed to clean the bottoms of shoes and rid them of tracked-in dirt and other impurities that can taint your floors.

The main difference between scraper, brush, and wiper mats is the abrasiveness of their main surfaces. The more abrasive the surfaces are, the more effective they are at removing whatever shoes have tracked in – with scraper mats being the roughest or most abrasive between the three, and wiper mats being the smoothest.

These floor mats are most effective when they are used in conjunction with each other to cover every entryway. Scraper mats remove most of the soil, moisture, and other impurities trapped under shoes. Indoor mats remove whatever the scraper mats might have missed. Anti-fatigue mats keep employees comfortable and productive.  This mat placement eliminates most dirt and debris while keeping the business moving! 

Better Mat Quality from Service Uniform

If there’s anything more important than knowing where to put your floor mats, it’s knowing where to get quality floor mats for your facility. Secure your supplies today with Service Uniform! Call us at (303) 936-4701 to get started or to learn more about our floor mats and other services. Feel free to contact us here as well! 


August 8, 2020 | Floor Mats