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The Dangers of Old Floor Mats

old floor mats

When floor mats age and wear beyond their use, they contribute to problems they were meant to solve. They lose traction, hold onto dirt and debris, and lose their abrasiveness. They become slip hazards, they don’t stop dirt from entering your building, and they contribute to messes.

Here are some dangers of old mats and how they can negatively impact your business:  

Old Floor Mats Lose Traction

Having sure-footing in any condition is a vital benefit of floor mats. When they get old, though, that sure-footing is questionable. Once that happens, the risk for slip and fall accidents increases. 

Most mats have a backing meant to grip onto the ground. Over time, use, exposure to the elements, and lack of cleaning and repair degrade that important backing. When the backing goes, mats will start slipping under enough pressure. If left unaddressed, the slipping tendency gets worse and worse. Eventually, this leads to a perfect storm scenario. One wrong move, and the mat could slip out from under someone. 

The fall is made worse from the expectation of safety that the mat should provide. When it’s not there at that moment, though, the victim will be too unaware to brace for the accident. That leads to more serious injuries. 

Old Floor Mats Don’t Stop Dirt

Another primary duty of floor mats that is compromised by age and wear is their ability to catch dirt. The more customers that walk over the mat, the more dirt and debris become lodged in its fibers. When it reaches capacity and there’s no more room to store dirt, it starts to accumulate on top of the mat. Once that happens, there’s nowhere for that dirt to go except further inside your business. 

It won’t be long before that dirt becomes visible on the floor, requiring extra labor to clean it regularly. Dirt on your floor increases its dangers to customers and employees. Slips are more likely when dirt is present as less traction is available between shoes and the floor. When water is present, that effect is magnified even further. 

Dirt and debris inside your business also contribute to air-borne irritants and pollution. When they’re left unimpeded, those irritants easily come in and enter the air. This contributes to employee or customer allergies, colds, or other respiratory illnesses. 

Old Mats Increase Messes

Rather than prevent them, old mats increase messes. To prove it, all you need to do is pick up the mat in question and look underneath it. You’ll likely find a dirt outline of the mat. That means, instead of absorbing dirt, the mat is dispersing it onto the floor around and underneath it. 

Taking it outside and shaking some of the dirt out can help, but it won’t last. Only a reliable and time-tested mat provider can clean mats to optimize their performance. 

Service Uniform is Your Mat Rental Expert

With everything else your business demands of you, you shouldn’t have to waste valuable time worrying about your floor mats. That’s, time, effort, and money towards a problem that’s always going to be just around the corner. 

Instead, get the experts to take care of it. At Service Uniform, we pride ourselves on quality products and quality service. Your needs are our needs, and we’ll do everything we can to fulfill them. Give us a call at (303) 936-4701, or visit our website for more information!

December 5, 2019 | Floor Mats