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Should Your Industrial Business Use a Towel Service? - Service Uniform

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Towel supply in your industrial business shouldn’t be difficult or problematic. Spills and messes from oils, chemicals, and water can happen at any time. There’s no replacement for having clean towels on hand to wipe them up. 

The problem is, keeping a supply of towels ready for when they’re needed is a burdensome and surprisingly expensive operation. Consider the costs:  

Initial Purchase

Depending on the quality of towels and the amount you’d like to have on hand, the initial purchase alone runs well into the hundreds, and even thousands for larger facilities. 


Because the laundry is an in-house procedure for owned towels, you’ll want to limit the days spent laundering them. This means having a bulk supply. What it also means is finding a place to keep that supply and the pile of soiled towels. 


Out-of-pocket expenses for laundering your own supply of towels will add up quick. Besides the financial obligation of machine use, detergent, softener, and bleach, the obligation of time is the most expensive factor. 

A single load of laundry in a traditional washer and dryer can take two hours to complete. If there’s only one machine available at the laundromat, (unless you’re washing a mountain of dirty towels at your home) you’re looking at most of your Saturday going down the drain. 

Additionally, the environmental costs in terms of energy, water, and chemical use for a personal washing machine are significantly higher than those of a commercial laundering operation.


Keeping track of your towels is another challenge. When you’re not watching the supply room, anyone could be in there grabbing one for a spill. In the day-to-day rush of operations, towels can easily get misplaced. 

In time, your supply will dwindle and you’ll be stuck buying new towels. 

Getting What You Pay For 

Some towels look, feel, and smell great two or three washes in but, when time and use take their toll, not all towels can last. Will that supply of discount bulk towels be such a great deal a few months from now when you have to replace them? 

If monetary and time savings, environmental betterment, and security of your towel supply isn’t pulling you off that fence, consider working with a reputable provider. 

Service Uniform Has Your Back

When you work with Service Uniform for your business’s towel supply needs, you’ll never be stuck with the same inventory. If you’re unhappy with the color or texture of what you have on the shelves, it can be changed. If a towel is torn, stained, or damaged by accident, it gets replaced. 

Because you don’t own the towels, you don’t own their problems. Towels can get damaged, dirty, and smelly fast. When that happens, we come in, make the exchanges you need, and leave with the dirty towels in tow. 

If you want your last purchase and load of laundry to be the last time you waste money, energy, and time on your towel supply, call Service Uniform today at 303-936-4701 and never stress about towels again. 

October 3, 2019 | Towels