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Get all the plumbing uniforms you need from Colorado’s most trusted uniform service provider – Service Uniform!

Uniforms Designed for the Plumbing Industry

Service Uniform is your number one source for all your plumbing uniform needs! Our range of product options are the perfect balance of comfort and functionality, perfect to tackle whatever challenges come your way:  

Coveralls. Choose between our 100% cotton snap-front coverall and our 65/35 poly-cotton blend coverall! Both designs feature multiple functional pockets, durable snaps and zippers, and a design and fit made for comfortable movement.

Polos. Choose from among our wide selection of high-performance polos that are designed for long, hard days at work. Our polo options all feature excellent moisture-wicking capacities so wearers can remain comfortable even on the most grueling of hot days.

Jackets. The elements are no match for our jackets. These are the perfect outerwear for every season, guaranteed to protect its wearer for client calls and site visits. Our team jackets are made of 7.25 oz twill, with a 65/35 poly-cotton blend shell and a 100% polyester lining, a perfect balance of comfort and durability.

Cargo Pants. Get more function out of fashion with our selection of Touchtex™ cargo pants. The relaxed fit is made for easy wearing and optimum comfort, and the fabric is designed for superior color retention and soil release. These pants are made of 7.25 oz twill, with a 65/35 poly-cotton blend fabric for guaranteed durability.

All the Quality You Need

Service Uniform has the expertise and excellence you need from a commercial uniform partner. We offer value for your money not only in the quality of products and garment care services that we offer, but in the variety of products that we can provide as well.

We have all the plumbing industry garments that you need for every level of your company – all in the excellent quality you require.

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