Towel Service

Get towels that clean as hard as you do only from Colorado’s most trusted towel service company: Service Uniform!

We have the best selection of high-performance towels designed for use in various cleaning applications across different industries! We offer red and white shop towelswindow towels, and detail towels.

Towels that You Can Rely On

Our selection of industrial towels is designed for the complex and challenging cleaning and polishing needs of commercial facilities. Whether you’re cleaning your hospitality business or are in need of hardy towels for your shop or industrial complex, you can trust that Service Uniform towels are sure to deliver. Our towels:

  •     Feature high absorbency, which makes them ideal for cleaning liquid stains
  •     Are made of durable materials for long-lasting use
  •     Get delivered on-time so you don’t need to worry about a low supply
  •     Are cleaned in a massive commercial facility so each item delivered is clean and ready to use

Benefits of Towel Rental

Forget about the long, arduous, and expensive process of purchasing your own towels. We’ve got the reasons why it’s time you make the switch:

  •     No upfront costs to worry about; you only pay for what you use
  •     No time wasted on making purchases
  •     No time or money wasted on costly in-house laundry equipment or trips to the laundromat.
  •     Reduces water and energy consumption

Service Uniform: Your Commercial Towel Service Authority

Service Uniform has long been Colorado’s most trusted name in commercial uniform and towel services. Since 1969, we have been providing businesses in Denver and other neighboring areas with top-quality uniform and towel selections, matched with cleaning and maintenance technology that is second to none.

Our rental and cleaning operations are designed to bring together the trifecta of convenience, quality, and cost-efficiency, made foolproof by our state-of-the-art RFID chip technology and team of industry experts who work together day-in and day-out to bring results worth your every penny.

For complete, hassle-free, and solutions-based experience with your towel rentals, work with Service Uniform! Make the superior choice today only with Service Uniform – the authority in Colorado commercial towel services! Call us today at 303-936-4701!

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