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detail towels

Are your detail towels up to par with your needs? Ours are! Service Uniform is your number one choice in Colorado for high-quality, reliable detail towel rental services. We have the quantity and quality of detail towels that you need to achieve great results.

No matter the size or type of business you’re in, Service Uniform is ready to serve! If you’re in the market for excellent detail towel selection, we have what you’re looking for. 

Detail Towels from Service Uniform

Service Uniform ensures results and satisfaction for your detail towel needs.

We offer:

  • High-quality products, excellent maintenance. Service Uniform supplies only high-quality detail towels. With superior absorbency and durability, our towels are ideal for all your cleaning and detailing needs. All our towels are processed in our high-tech laundry plant, and cared for by our experts. Making sure each towel you receive is clean and ready to use is our top priority.
  • On-time, reliable servicing. We make towel rental easy! We’ll bring you a batch of clean, packaged detail towels and pick up your dirty ones. These deliveries are efficient, quick, and always on-time. You’ll never have to worry about running short of clean towels to use.  
  • Supply management made easy. Service Uniform’s towel service takes the guessing game out of your towel supplies. We’ll keep you on top of your inventory so you don’t have to worry about shortages and losses. All you need is taken care of in one, swift process. We’ll manage it all – washing, storage, and even disposal when the towels are past their prime.
  • Designed for long-term savings. Without the cost of upfront, bulk purchase, replacements, repairs, and maintenance, your detail towel inventory just got more cost efficient! You’re looking at more usage out of the cost of each towel to get bigger value for your money.

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Real results for your cleaning needs and long-term savings and convenience? Detail towel services can’t get any better than this! Contact Service Uniform today to get started. Call 303-936-4701 or drop us a message here.