Red and White Shop Towels

red and white shop towels

Complete your cleaning inventory with red and white shop towels only from Service Uniform!

Service Uniform combines great service and even better product quality for the most reliable and satisfactory towel rental service available.

All-Purpose Shop Towels

Our industrial-grade shop towels are ideal for a variety of uses:

Spend less and clean more with our ultra-durable red and white shop towels. They are made of heavy-duty fabric that can withstand cleaning and repeated washing.

– Ideal for all types of cleaning. Dusting? Deep cleaning? Your red and white shop towels from Service Uniform can help you with that! They clean many surfaces and work with most any cleaning solution.

– Convenient and cost-efficient. Our towels are delivered regularly and on-time, every time, to ensure that you never run short. Service Uniform will take care of everything – from storage to disposal to replacement. With Service Uniform’s towel service, you’ll spend less on your towel needs. This will save you in the long term!

Small Things, Big Results

If shop towels are part of your business operations, Service Uniform’s towel service should be your only solution. We make sure that everything is in order, easy, efficient, and convenient for you so that you can focus on the things that truly matter to your business.

We also ensure on-time delivery, proper product handling, and a smooth transaction every single time. Your account representative is only a phone call away for adjustments, inquiries, and any concerns you may have. If that isn’t the best way to get red and white shop towels for your business, we don’t know what is!

Contact Service Uniform Today!

Contact us today for more information about our shop towels. Above all else, we’re here to support your business. Call (303) 936-4701 to speak with a representative who can talk to you about product availability, service details, and pricing too.