Flame-Resistant Apparel

There are no shortcuts or quick-fixes when it comes to safety. For quality flame-resistant apparel, trust the experts at Service Uniform!

Our products come with the quality and reliability guarantee that only Service Uniform can offer. Get the complete protection you need for your employees today.

High-Quality Flame-Resistant Clothing from Service Uniform

Service Uniform understands how crucial fire-resistant garments are in many industries. The quality they come in can make the difference between life and death in high-risk and emergency situations. That’s why we offer only the best selection of flame-resistant clothing. 

Our flame-resistant clothing:

  • is made of durable flame-resistant material designed to withstand frequent and rigorous laundering,
  • is compliant with industry standards for flame-resistant clothing,
  • boasts excellent garment construction with top-notch protection against wear and tear,
  • and also features stylish designs that boost wearer comfort so your employees can stay comfortable through long shifts.

Our flame-resistant garments are available in different styles to accommodate the needs of different jobs and industries. 

We offer:

  • Shirts
  • Pants
  • Coveralls

Our flame-resistant garments are ideal for use in a variety of industries including:

  • Oil and Gas         
  • Automotive    
  • Manufacturing    
  • High-Risk Logistics    
  • Electrical    
  • Chemical

Service Uniform: The Authority in Flame-Resistant Clothing

Service Uniform has what you need to be successful. Not only do we guarantee the best and most excellent selection of flame-resistant clothing and other industrial apparel, but we also boast well-rounded services and complete solutions that deliver excellent, efficient, and convenient results to your business.

All of our uniforms and garments are equipped with RFID technology for easy, accurate tracking that minimizes costly losses. Our rental process is also designed for your convenience with personalized customer care services, top-notch product quality, results-oriented processes, and flexible options. Above all, we’re here to make your job easier.

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