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food processing apparel

You can never underestimate the quality of your food processing apparel. For your commercial food service facility, get maximum uniform quality and cleanliness without the hassle or the extra cost with the help of Service Uniform!

Service Uniform has established uniform supply and care services designed especially for food manufacturers. Contact us today for availability!

High-Quality Food Service Apparel in Colorado

Service Uniform is a leading supplier of uniforms in Colorado’s food manufacturing industry. We have a wide selection of products to choose from, including a variety of smocks, food service shirts, pants, and aprons.

At Service Uniform, we aim for:

  • Outstanding Product Quality. We maintain a strict quality control policy to make sure that our selection only includes the best products. Every product we offer is designed with stability of construction, protection against staining and discoloration, and integrity of material so it can endure the everyday challenges of the job.
  • Superior Laundry Quality. We use a computerized laundry system and work with highly skilled, highly trained professionals in the laundry industry to ensure the safety and cleanliness of every item that comes your way. For example, no matter what type of stain, impurity or contaminate your uniforms have been exposed to in the course of a shift, you can rest assured that they are at their most hygienic and safest condition when we deliver them back to you.
  • Customer Support Par Excellence. At Service Uniform, we believe that quality service is nothing without adequate support. That is why our customer support program is designed to give you holistic support through your service needs. Our customer service reps are friendly and ready to deliver prompt responses for every concern and need that arises.
  • Efficient and Always On-Time. In business, time is money – and we waste neither! Every aspect of our uniform services is designed to deliver maximum results for the least amount of time. As a result, you can always expect on-time deliveries and top-notch service.

We Keep Things Simple

At Service Uniform, the core of our service has always been simple: always deliver quality. Whether it’s making sure that your supplies are on-time or putting your items to up to 17 different wash cycles, we ensure cleanliness and hygiene. In service execution, in product quality, and in the kind of people we are, you can always expect quality.

Contact Service Uniform Today!

Let us help make your job easier. We service multiple areas in Colorado including Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs among others. Give us a call today at (303) 936-4701 or connect with us here.