Red Kap Touch Tex Apparel

Industrial Work Uniforms designed  to handle  the toughest jobs in comfort

The right kind of work uniform can boost your employees’ morale, increase their productivity, and improve your brand’s professional aesthetics. Give your employees the best kind of work wear there is in the market today: get Service Uniform’s Red Kap Touch Tex Apparel!

Red Kap’s Touch Tex line of work shirts and pants are designed for maximum comfort and heavy-duty performance.

Your employees will never have to worry about being stuck in an uncomfortable pair of pants or shirt while at work because of Touch Tex’s permanent softness and moisture management features. No matter how long, how hard, how hot, or how grueling their shifts may become, your team won’t mind because they’re wearing Service Uniform’s line of work wear. Being hard at work has never been this comfy!

The Touch Tex line of apparels from Red Kap is built to last. Using the best technology in textile and uniform design, the uniforms available at Service Uniform have been carefully crafted for stain release, color protection, and for durability. Combined with Service Uniform’s topnotch linen and laundry service technologies, your Touch Tex uniforms will definitely stay good for a long time!

Don’t waste your time and money on low-quality uniforms. Service Uniform’s Red Kap uniforms are the perfect choice for your workforce – they are highly durable, they come in the most vibrant colors, and you can choose from a variety of styles to suit your specific industry. These are the uniforms that you would want to represent your company: their quality is a testament to the quality and the commitment you put into your brand.

Improve your brand’s image, boost employee morale, safety, and productivity, all with this one simple solution!

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