Uniform Services in Brighton

Your Brighton uniforms are more than just an accessory!

From employee protection to branding to making your staff look more professional, uniforms serve a wide array of purposes, all important to the success of your business. But at Service Uniform, we know simply acquiring a uniform isn’t enough to truly maximize the potential of your employees and your business. That’s why, since 1969, our focus has not only been on supplying a quality product, but also on providing complete services that address all areas of concern when it comes to uniform maintenance.

This means when you use our Brighton uniform services, you receive:

  • A wide selection of uniform items to choose from so you can find the right apparel to match your company’s needs
  • Items embedded with our famous Blue Chip System® to ensure efficient and accurate deliveries and uniform management
  • A team of individuals who are happy to help you along the process and deliver excellent customer service for as long as you work with us
  • Punctual responses to make sure that your needs never go unnoticed

Why our uniforms are right for your Brighton business.

When it comes down to it, while the quality of your service matters, and while our over 50 years of experience goes to show our commitment in the industry, you also care about the ultimate product you’re going to receive and use in your business on a daily basis. At Service Uniform, we have selected the best items to include in our uniform catalog and are constantly upgrading our technologies so your quality of product and service only gets better.

For your uniforms, we use Red Kap’s Touch Tex™ shirts and pants. These items:

  • Are comfortable, functional and durable, with high-quality moisture management – qualities that make your employees’ jobs easier and more efficient
  • Contain stain release and color protection properties so you can worry less about the degradation of your uniforms over time
  • Are available in a variety of styles and colors so that you can find the most suitable fit for your business
  • Are customizable so that your uniforms can be personalized to your brand

Look no further for the best uniform services in Brighton, CO.

Our years of experience combined with the latest technologies we utilize, our passion for customer satisfaction, and the quality uniforms to make your business even better, make us the business you can trust for high-quality Brighton uniform services.

Our first priority is you, the client. And as our top priority, your uniform services won’t just be subpar – they’ll be extraordinary.

Uniforms aren’t all we provide…

We know though that it takes more than just a uniform to enhance your business. It takes the branding of a logo mat, the cleanliness of your business space, and the other little things that truly matter. That’s why, along with our uniform services, we also offer:

  • Facility Services
  • Mat Rental Services
  • Towel Services

To learn more about how your Brighton brand can go from good to great with something as seemingly small as a uniform, contact us at Service Uniform today at 303-936-4701.