Uniform Services in Cañon City

Uniform Services in Canon City

Finding excellent, reliable, and convenient uniform services in Cañon City should not be a test of fortitude or patience. Get the best in commercial uniform services from Cañon City’s most trusted brand since 1969: Service Uniform!

Service Uniform has been acing the industry since we opened shop in 1969, beating our competition with a combination of exceptional service and an even better range of professional workwear selections.

Our uniform services in Cañon City are designed to bring together convenience and quality in one topnotch bundle of dedicated and experienced experts, state-of-the-art rental and maintenance technologies, and an assortment of handpicked uniforms for a variety of businesses across different industries:

  • We take pride in our cutting-edge Blue Chip© tracking technology that uses RFID microchips to track uniforms for every client to prevent linen loss
  • We use the latest in laundry technology to bring you the cleanest uniforms at every delivery, ready to impress employees and clients alike.
  • Our uniforms are carefully handpicked for integrity of material and construction and for superb wearer comfort.
  • Every member of our service team is trained and dedicated to delivering complete, on-time, efficient, and highly satisfactory results – from pickup to delivery and everything in between.

The Best Choice for Uniform Services in Cañon City

Service Uniform is guided by one core principle – the very principle that is at the heart of everything we do: excellence, especially in product selection. For all our workwear, we trust only Red Kap TouchTex™ products:

With Red Kap TouchTex™ products, every piece of work clothing comes with these unbeatable and irresistible features:

  • Topnotch moisture management for optimum comfort and breathability even under high-temperature conditions
  • Excellent stain-release technology to prevent lasting buildup of stains for uniforms that look better for longer
  • Unbeatable color protection to maintain appearance
  • An assortment of colors and styles to choose from to perfectly suit the look your brand is going for
  • State-of-the-art laundry and care technology for excellent, clean, and presentable results at every delivery

Excellence at Every Stage of the Process

Service Uniform is not one to cut corners. Not then, not now, not ever in our close to fifty years in the industry. We employ excellence at every stage of our services – from systematic pickup that arrives on the dot, to our sorting system, to our delivery, and especially in our accurate and straightforward billing and invoicing.

We believe that quality should never come at the cost of convenience and vice versa, which is why every level of our operations is designed around the needs of our customers.

You can expect services and results that go above and beyond what is expected if you invest in our uniform services in Cañon City.

Custom-Tailored Solutions, Well-Rounded Results

On top of offering the best uniform services in Cañon City, Service Uniform is also your go-to company for a host of other services, delivered in the same excellent quality Service Uniform is best known for.

We offer:

  • Mat Rental Services
  • Towel Services
  • Facility Services

Service Uniform is not the best choice for uniform services in Cañon City: Service Uniform is your only choice for convenient, efficient, and topnotch uniform service results in Cañon City. Contact us today at 303-936-4701 or drop us a line here to learn more about what we can do for your business!