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Red Kap’s “TouchTex™ II” Shirts and Pants

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Red Kap's Touch Tex II provides superior soil release for the life of the garment.
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Permanent Softness – Garments are Komfortably™ soft and get softer with every wash. There is a soft touch on both sides of the fabric.

Moisture Management – Stay cool and dry even in the stickiest situations. Our highly breathable uniform wicks perspiration away from the skin to keep you dry.

Permanent Stain Release – Don’t worry about shirt stains from greasy cheeseburgers, mud or even burned motor oil…it all comes out in the wash.

Color Protection – Your uniform color should stay uniform. Our uniform colors are amazingly long lasting to maintain your professional appearance – top to bottom.

Red Kap's Touch Tex II offers moisture management that wicks perspiration away from the skin to stay cool, dry and comfortable.
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Durability – Our fibers maintain muscle through advanced technology, so your uniform has a longer life. Pants made with the TouchTex twill fabric are designed to be durable enough for hard labor, yet extremely soft to the touch.

Single Sourcing

We single source all of our garments to one manufacturer for consistent quality, fit and color. After all; it is a “Uniform”.

Green Services

Visit Service Uniform’s green services page to learn more about products and services covered in our green services initiative.

Other Services


Our professionally maintained mats and reduce tracked in dirt while enhancing the image of your organization. They reduce floor maintenance time and reduce the risk of injury.

Service Uniform offers a variety of commercial matting including:
> Decorative Mats
> Safety Mats
> Custom Logo Mats
> Scraper and Brush Mats
> Anti-Fatigue Mats


This service is designed to save you time and money, with no upfront investment, no disposal, no purchasing time, and saves inventory space. These towels are made specifically for wiping purposes, these towels are strong and absorbent.

> Shop Towels
> Detail Towels
> Window Towels
> Swipe Towels
> Continuous Roll Towels

Fender Covers

An effective way to protect vehicles from scratches while working on them.

Dust Mops

Designed to keep your workplace clean. These mops come in a variety of sizes. They are manufactured with twisted yarns to prevent fraying and absorb dirt. Service includes handle and mop frame.