Facility Services

A business that isn’t clean could drive customers away! Don’t let your dirty restrooms get in the way of making the right impression on your customers with the help of Service Uniform’s facility services. We have a select line of products aimed at making restroom management and cleanliness easier and more effective.

Facility Services for Every Business

Service Uniform is your leading supplier of an array of facility service and maintenance products. Our range of products includes:

Soap. Our continuous hand soap supply is perfect for busy retail stores, offices, and restaurants, so worrying about hand hygiene becomes the last of your concerns.

  • Soy Natural. Our soy natural soap made from an all-natural soybean oil base features a gentle, cleansing, solvent-free walnut pumice formulation that is 100% biodegradable. It effectively cleans without drying out your skin.
  • Anti-Bacterial Foam Soap. Our anti-bacterial foam soap keeps the bacteria out but locks the moisture in thanks to its collagen-rich, anti-bacterial formulation.
  • Hand Sanitizer. For on-the-go hand hygiene, make sure that your building doors, buttons, and reception areas are stocked with Service Uniform’s hand sanitizer dispensers.

Air Fresheners For Your Business

Keep nasty odors out without putting in the effort of constantly spraying air freshener by hand with Service Uniform’s automatic, battery-operated air fresheners. They are a natural product of organic ingredients made from botanical fragrances and the essential oils of fruits, flowers and exotic plants. Each scent kit lasts a full month and will be automatically changed by your Service Uniform Account Manager – making this your most convenient, effective, and most mobile air freshener option! Place in entrances, lockers, bathrooms, and more to lock in the freshness.

Make a Clean Impression Every Time!

It only takes seven seconds to make an impression, and possibly a lifetime to undo any damage it makes. Don’t let that happen to your business! Do it right the first time and increase returning customer rate with the simple improvement of your restrooms and facilities with the help of Service Uniform.

We deliver our facility services with the same brand of dedication as we do everything else. This assures you that every item is of a quality that you’d gladly want to share with your customers and employees alike, every item is delivered promptly, and our delivery managers and customer care supervisors will make sure your every concern is addressed.
It’s the same guarantee of quality and satisfaction that you’ve known us for – expanded to your business’ bigger needs.

Contact us today and get started on your facility services from Service Uniform! Call 303-936-4701 to learn more or book a consultation.