Complete Selection of Manufacturing Uniforms

If your Colorado manufacturing facility is in need of quality, reliable manufacturing uniform service, Service Uniform has your answer. For Colorado manufacturing uniform service that hits the mark, let Service Uniform take a shot!

Our manufacturing uniform service is made to address the specific needs of your industry. From the guarantee of cleanliness to the promise of preserving the quality of your business’ most important garments, you can trust that Service Uniform brings it all to the table – and more:

Our manufacturing uniforms address the specific needs of professionals in your industry. We will keep your employees safe with our Flame Resistant – Arc Rated uniforms; Hi-Visibility garments and Work Apparel that will hold up in the toughest working conditions. Your employees will also be comfortable and productive with uniforms that feature RedKap’s exclusive TouchTex Technology designed for wickability and breathable comfort that gets softer to the touch with every wash.