Premier Prep Plan


Taking on a new employee can throw a wrench into your day-to-day tasks at work. The down payment and effort needed for employee space, processing, orientation and training can be time-consuming and at times overwhelming. To help make this stressful transition easier, Service Uniform makes integrating new employees hassle-free.

Adding additional staff or even requesting a size change for an existing employee’s uniform is no problem. We sew on your company logo, make and affix the employee’s name emblem, embed the Blue Chip® and process the uniform through our system – it’s as simple as that!

Instead of paying for these services all at once and blowing your monthly budget out of the water, you may opt in to our Premier Prep Plan, which allows you to make much smaller payments throughout the year.

No matter how often your company hires new employees, you shouldn’t have to worry about additional start-up charges from your uniform rental company. Service Uniform makes the process of obtaining new uniforms as stress-free and simple as possible. With the Premier Prep Plan, you can rest assured that your budget will stay intact.

For more information about the Premier Prep Plan, contact Service Uniform today! Call us at 303-936-4701.