Culinary Quick Start

Service Uniform: Official Uniform Sponsor of Culinary Quick Start

When we say we’re a local company, we mean more than just the fact that we live and work in Colorado. We mean that we are completely dedicated to improving the lives of the people in our community by any means possible.

That’s why we partner with Culinary Quick Start, a program based in Denver that provides a free training program to often-underprivileged students, preparing them for a career in the restaurant industry. When funding for student apparel fell through, we stepped up to provide the uniforms that the school needs to continue making a difference in the lives of its students.

The Culinary Quick Start program is a fast-track four-week course that prepares students for jobs in the restaurant industry as a prep or line cook. During the course, students will become ServSafe certified, sharpen their knife skills, develop fundamental cooking skills and more. Courses include food and kitchen workplace safety, prep and production, cooking methods and career skills. Students will also attend a hiring fair where they have the opportunity to network with potential community employers.

The entire program is offered at no cost to participants and does not require any previous restaurant experience. Over 500 students have already graduated, and the majority of them are now contributing to the local economy in jobs throughout the Denver/Colorado area.

At Service Uniform, we believe that one of the best ways to grow our local community is to help the people who live here find sustainable jobs that allow them to support themselves and their families and to develop their careers. We’re proud to be able to accomplish this not only by offering jobs at Service Uniform to citizens in the community, but now by partnering with Culinary Quick Start.