employees truckAt Service Uniform, we value our employees and provide them with valuable tools and a positive work environment. We know our employees by name and generously reward them for their service. We look for team members who work well in a fast paced environment, want to be on a winning team and contribute to the success of the team.

If you are looking to work for a company that also works for you, then Service Uniform is a company where you can thrive. We are a family owned and operated business who has a strong commitment to customer loyalty and satisfaction. When you join Service Uniform, you will be part of a progressive company that is a leader in the industry.

See What Our Employees Say

  • Vince Leen
    Account Manager – 18 years
    “I’m loyal to my company because they’re loyal to me. They are integrity-driven for the market. It’s hard for me to sell things that I don’t believe in, so when there is integrity involved it’s a more comfortable setting.”
  • Bernadette Martinez
    Office Lead – 17 years
    “At Service Uniform, we work as one company. We all work together no matter what department we are in. They recognize the work that I put into the company.”
  • Jeff Lewis
    Director of Customer Relations – 29 years
    “Service Uniform is very fair and they take care of their employees. When the economy went down in ’08 and ’09 and people were losing their jobs, Service Uniform laid off no one. Instead, the company came back stronger than ever.”
  • Teri Thompson
    Office Manager – 20 years
    “Having been the first woman in the company’s history to hold a management position in the Service department I’m proud to say we’re a company that empowers everyone to meet their potential.”

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