02 June, 2021 | Safety

High-Quality Uniforms Can Lessen or Prevent Injuries

High-quality uniforms are one of the best defenses against injuries in the workplace. With injuries come worker’s compensation claims, lawsuits, bad publicity, and in the most extreme cases, even deaths. Every business wants to steer clear of these, and an experienced uniform provider can help with that.

How is Service Uniform Looking Out For You?

Preventing needless harm to employees and customers saves time, money, and effort could be put towards growing the business. There are four ways that Service Uniform excels at working for the betterment of your staff, clients, and you:


Many services operate in environments prone to fires. Service Uniform’s shirts, pants, and coveralls are all designed to resist fire and protect staff from serious burns. These high-quality uniforms are compliant to the letter with industry standards for fireproof clothing, leaving nothing regarding safety. 

This also protects everyone and everything around a worker that potentially catches on fire. Since the uniforms protect workers from burn pains, they allow them to focus with as little panic as possible on putting fires out. 

Enhanced Visibility

There are several hazardous professions where employees often have to work in low-light environments or other dangerous conditions where enhanced visibility is yet another layer of defense. Service Uniform provides bright, discernable products that will protect those employees from their surroundings by allowing others who could accidentally cause them harm to more easily avoid them. 

Our high-quality uniforms come in a variety of customizable options with vibrant colors and patterns that will be difficult to miss. They even serve as a simple, cost-efficient way of marketing your business. 

Touch Tex Material

Service Uniform supplies its product from Red Kap’s Touch Tex™ II, a textile that can stand up to whatever environment they’re used in. These high-quality uniforms expertly prevent color loss, resist stains, manage moisture, and are incredibly comfortable to boot. Safe, durable, and comfortable material is an excellent way to boost employee morale which, in turn, further improves their performance and security.

Blue Chip System

Service Uniform’s Blue Chip System® makes uniform management as efficient as it can be. Using advanced RFID chip tracking technology and barcodes, we are able to guarantee accuracy, durability, and cleanliness in our services. These technologies allow us to accomplish multiple goals when it comes to keeping employees equipped for danger.

Service Uniform is the Safest Choice For Avoiding Injuries in Your Business

Service Uniform is your one stop shop for high-quality uniforms to protect your staff and you can start today! Give us a call at (303) 936-4701 or contact us here to learn more.

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