08 September, 2021 | Uniform Rental

Is Your Uniform Supplier Good? Here’s How to Tell!

Outsourcing the uniform needs of your company is not an easy decision to make. It doesn’t help that there are uniform service companies out there notorious for poor quality materials and difficult service. It’s natural to wonder whether the service you’re getting is actually good.

Here’s what to take into consideration when determining if you’ve got a good uniform supplier. 

Signs That Your Uniform Supplier is Good

It’s important to see through the smoke and mirrors of deceptive marketing, talented salesmanship, or contractual jujitsu when evaluating your uniform supplier. Here’s what to pay attention to when determining if your supplier is, in fact, good. 

Their Deliveries are Accurate and Consistent

Shortages and delays can severely disrupt your operations. Your uniform schedule should not be hit-or-miss. Your business is in good hands if you do not have to micromanage your uniform company.

They Have a System That Protects You from Uniform Losses

Uniform losses are an expensive problem. It is also terribly inconvenient and disruptive to your operations. A good uniform supplier prevents that from happening with reliable uniform tracking technology.

They Offer You High-Quality Options and Solutions for Your Uniform Needs

Good uniform service is not just about offering quality service. It’s also about the flexibility of options. One of the most important hallmarks of uniform service reliability is an understanding that no two clients are exactly alike. As such, your business will have needs that are unique only to you. And the right service provider offers you a good number of high-quality options that will suit your needs.

They Are Upfront and Transparent with Fees

Pricing is not the most contentious part of any outsourcing transaction. It is transparency. When you look at your invoice, you should not be left bewildered or confused about the items listed there. Your service provider should not leave you second-guessing the fees you’re paying.

They Are Always There to Respond to Your Queries and Concerns

Communication is key to any good relationship, including the one you have with your uniform service provider. And this is especially important when you have one of those less-than-ideal days. A good uniform service provider makes the effort to respond to your needs promptly and effectively.

The Better Colorado Uniform Service Provider

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  • We safeguard your inventory from losses. Our operations are protected by our homegrown uniform tracking Blue Chip System. Powered by RFID technology, we keep a close eye on your inventory from pickup to delivery.
  • We have all your bases covered. From ensuring the quality and cleanliness of the uniforms you’re getting, to making sure that you are getting exactly what you paid for, Service Uniform provides the complete solutions to all your uniform needs.

Service Uniform is the good uniform supplier that your business deserves. In fact, we are more than just good – we are the best! And you’re one phone call away from experiencing that.

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