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Professional Manufacturing Uniforms in Colorado

Workers in manufacturing jobs face a variety of dangers and challenges every day. Ensuring their safety and efficiency at work is a critical role of management. Provided uniforms are an essential element to those goals. Every manufacturing uniform protects its wearer from sharp objects, heavy machinery, and extreme environments. Good ones will do that and more which is why it’s important to find the right provider.

If you’re looking for professional manufacturing uniforms in Colorado, look no further than Service Uniform!

Service Uniform Provides the Quality, Clean, and Professional Manufacturing Uniforms in Colorado

Service Uniform has provided professional manufacturing uniforms in Colorado since 1969. Our uniforms stand out because they are:


Service Uniform helps ensure continued staff safety with uniforms that stand up to the rigors of manufacturing jobs. Our uniforms use durable materials with long useful lifespans that will take many common manufacturing industry pressures off their wearers.

When staff isn’t worried about the equipment or environments they’re working in, they can focus more on the tasks at hand. This improves both staff performance and satisfaction in the workplace.


Our uniforms’ durability doesn’t come at the expense of wearer comfort. They allow for a full range of motion with ergonomic designs. They also use soft, wickable materials that keep wearers cool and dry in otherwise sweat-inducing conditions.

Comfortable staff will be more loyal to the company and have increased productivity on the job.


Part of what makes our uniform service so reliable is our ability to maintain the useful lifespans of our products. A Service Uniform route service representative will pick up uniforms in need of laundry and maintenance and deliver fresh ones upon every visit to your facility.

Our team of experts and advanced laundry facilities will ensure every stain, rip, and tear is dealt with swiftly. We ensure our clients have the professional manufacturing uniforms they need in stock at all times thanks to thorough tracking systems and dedicated staff.

The Service Uniform Difference

Signing up with Service Uniform means more than acquiring professional manufacturing uniforms in Colorado. It also means signing up with a local, family-owned business with over 50 years of history serving Colorado businesses.

We are an investment in your local community, with a special focus on meeting the needs of clients that are also our neighbors. We are A+ Accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for our dedication to the communities we serve!

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