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Take charge of your business’ uniform needs with a little boost from the most trusted Uniform and facility service in Boulder, CO: Service Uniform!

Boulder’s Most Experienced and Ready Uniform, Mat, and Facility Service Provider

Service Uniform’s expertise and innovative approach to our services give you the best results for all your business needs. We have supplies and services suitable for businesses across several industries. And there’s no better time than now to find your Uniform and facility service supply solution. 

Service Uniform is the best choice for your commercial uniforms, floor mats, towels, and facility supply needs. We provide: 

Uniform Service

Bring out the best in your staff and your brand with the right uniforms! Make sure you get the best of them from Colorado’s most trusted name in commercial and industrial uniform solutions: Service Uniform. We have selections for:

With our superior garment care expertise, you get the guarantee of the cleanest uniforms for your facility along with professional service and reliable delivery. 

Mat Service

Your facility’s floors deserve just as much care and attention as the rest of your facility. And the right floor mats can help you achieve that. Our mat service includes a selection to suit every area of your facility – from basic to customized. 

Service is further enhanced by some of the most reliable professional mat maintenance for your convenience and satisfaction.

Towel Service

Second-rate cleanliness is never an option for your business. Equip your facility with the best cleaning towels only from Service Uniform. We have towel selections that suit your every cleaning need and meet the highest standards of quality and durability. We offer:

Facility Services

Your restrooms say a great deal about your business. Don’t let empty soap dispensers tell your brand’s story! Stock up on all your restroom essentials and more with our complete facility services. We offer:

Service Uniform Gives You Unbeatable Advantage

True quality is never just about great product selections. It’s also about excellent maintenance, easy transactions, and full reliability. And you can expect all that and more from Service Uniform.

Service Uniform’s unparalleled industry experience and expertise in Uniform and facility service is all the support you need for your business. And with our innovative uniform tracking system, you get full protection against uniform losses and the costs that come with it.

With Service Uniform, you can focus on your customers. You can focus on your business’ growth. You can focus on everything that matters, not on your uniforms’ costs and maintenance burdens.

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