Arvada businesses that need uniforms, mats, or facility restroom products serviced on a regular basis can contact Service Uniform. We’re a local, family-owned service provider to businesses in Arvada and throughout Colorado.

For Uniforms, Mats, or Facility Services in Arvada, Service Uniform is Ready to Provide

For over 50 years, Service Uniform has provided excellent uniform, mat, and facility service in Arvada and the rest of Colorado. We offer products of the greatest quality, and service you’ll enjoy.

Uniform Service

We offer a large selection of uniforms for all types of enterprises. We can provide uniforms for any company, from professional offices to construction firms. Industries covered include:

Mat Rental Service

We offer a number of different types of mats, including both normal and bespoke mats for any business. Our mats increase the safety of your facility while also providing many other benefits. The following items are among those we supply:

Towel Service

Towels service can be a tremendous help to businesses that go through a lot of towels! Keep a ready-to-clean supply always around without trying with Service Uniforms’ towel service.

Facility Service

Service Uniform helps ensure optimal facility cleanliness and safety with products such as:

  • Soy Natural Grit Soap
  • Antibacterial Foam Soap
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Air Freshener
  • Dust Mops

Contact Service Uniform for Professional Uniform, Mat, and Facility Service in Arvada

If you need a quality uniform, mat, and facility service in Arvada, you can find it through Service Uniform. We provide everything you need to keep your place of business running smoothly and efficiently. For more information, call us at 1 (303)936-4701 or reach out to us here.

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