For professional-grade uniform service, mat service, towel service, or facility service in Lakewood, CO, Service Uniform provides solutions. To improve material quality and lower the time and costs of maintaining them, professional service can help. Service Uniform offers: 

Uniform Service in Lakewood

Lakewood businesses in need of uniforms every workday will find quality, comfort, and cleanliness every delivery through Service Uniform. Whether for manufacturing, auto maintenance, HVAC, or any other profession where industrial-style uniforms are utlized, we can help. We offer:

Mat Service in Lakewood

If there’s a lot of foot traffic in your business, or if you just want to protect customers and employees from slip and falls accidents no matter what’s on the floor, then mat service is essential. We offer mats that will protect the business while also enhancing its aesthetic.

Towel Service in Lakewood

Towels are not truly appreciated for the tools they are until there not available. Keep that reality from affecting business with towel service from Service Uniform. We’ll ensure that a clean, well-maintained supply of towels is always available in your business.

Facility Service in Lakewood

A restroom that has run out of soap, hand sanitizer, or air freshener is one that customers do not want to have to use again. Ensure customers and employees have everything they need while using the on-premise restroom with facility service through Service Uniform. 

  • Soy Natural Grit Soap
  • Antibacterial Foam Soap
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Air Freshener
  • Dust Mops

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Service Uniform has provided Lakewood, CA professional-grade services since 1966. We make uniform service, mat service, towel service, and facility service simple and reliable. Contact us for more information, or to speak with a representative. 

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