Service Uniform provides professional-grade uniform, mat, and towel service to businesses in Castle Rock, CO. We have the quality materials and services to keep the supply-side of their operations worry and problem-free!

Get Uniform, Mat, and Towel Service in Castle Rock from Service Uniform

Service Uniform offers the highest-quality uniforms, floor mats, towels, and restroom supplies for your business needs:

Uniform Service

Service Uniform is your number 1 choice for complete solutions in your Castle Rock commercial and industrial uniform service needs. We offer uniform rentals as well as customization options that make it easy to secure your supplies. Our uniform rental service covers businesses from a range of industries, including selections for:



Food Processing

HVAC and Home Services

Safety Apparel

Mat Service

Equip your business space with more effective, more dependable floor protection with top-notch commercial floor mats from Service Uniform! Our mat service comes with the guarantee of superior maintenance and reliable delivery, taking away all the expense and hassle that comes with keeping up with your floor care. We have a wide selection of floor mats to choose from, for every area of your business space:

Scraper Mats

Decorative Mats

Custom Logo Mats

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Towel Service

There’s always something that needs cleaning in your business space! Make sure to keep up with your cleaning supplies with ease and confidence, with dependable towel supply service from Service Uniform! We have a top-notch selection of towels to meet your different cleaning needs, including:

Shop Towels

Window Towels

Microfiber Towels

Food Service Towels

Detail Towels

Facility Services

Secure your facility’s restroom supply needs without the hassle and the excessive cost, but with the efficiency and the proven reliability of Service Uniform! Our supply selections include your hand hygiene essentials, odor control solutions, as well as mop supplies.

Soy Natural Grit Soap

Anti-Bacterial Foam Soap

Hand Sanitizer

Air Fresheners

Dust Mops

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