Uniform, Mat, and Towel Service Excellence in Colorado Springs

Your business should have the best uniform, mat, and towel service company in Colorado Springs. If you’re looking for high-quality materials and reliable service you can count on, Service Uniform is your best answer. We provide the following services:

Mat Rentals

Mat rental is the convenient solution for many floor issues faced by businesses. To help, we supply:

Facility Service

From soaps to mops, Service Uniform provides the facility service materials every business needs.

Uniform Services

A professional uniform service makes employees comfortable and professional. Especially ours for these industries:

Towel Service

There’s no replacement for a quality towel when one is needed. Ensure you have what you need with us.

What Separates Service Uniform From Other Providers? 

Service Uniform is the best provider of clean, high-quality service in the area. This is what makes us special: 


Service Uniform supplies products that can resist flames, stand out in dark or dangerous environments, and put up with the worst punishment you can dish out. Red Kap’s Touch Tex™ II fabric ensures durability, comfort, and reusability.


Since Service Uniform garments will overcome harsh conditions and use, we’ve also ensured that they can be thoroughly washed and returned to our clients looking and working as good as new. Our commercial laundry process maintains the highest of standards when we inspect our products, repairing what we can and replacing what is too far gone, free of charge.


Service Uniform is a family business that cares about customer retention. That’s why our uniform, mat, and towel service comes with a detailed Blue Chip System®, which uses RFID chips and barcodes to keep track of everything in circulation. What’s rented rent from us or put into our laundry service is returned on time and in good condition. No missing items, no hidden fees, just transparent and hassle-free service. 


Our uniform, mat, and towel business has the local advantage that many larger companies lack. Service Uniform has operated in Colorado Springs since our founding in 1969 and knows the local market. We understand exactly what our customers want and promise personalized, committed diligence towards all of our customers without getting bogged down in bureaucracy like a national company would.

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Service Uniform is the family business your Colorado Springs business can trust. For a free quote on our uniform, mat, and towel service, call us at (303) 936-4701 or reach out to us below.

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