You should never have to choose between quality and efficiency. For uniform, mat, and towel service in Loveland, CO that will give you the best of both, go with Service Uniform!

Service Uniform is the Loveland Partner that Has Your Back

Getting better, more secure solutions to your business needs is so much easier, so much more convenient with a little help from Service Uniform! We offer a wide range of high-quality uniforms for different industries, and a wide selection of other products to help you get better results for your business’s daily operations:

Uniform Services

Make your business stand out with the right uniforms from Service Uniform! We have a wide selection of uniforms for different industries. Our high-quality uniform selections come with expert, efficient maintenance that gives you clean, excellent, high-quality uniforms all the time. We service each of the following industries:



Food Processing

HVAC and Home Services

Safety Apparel

Mat Services

Your floors take a beating every day. Give them the care and attention they deserve while saving money on repair costs, with a little boost from Service Uniform’s commercial mat rental services. We have a great selection of floor mats to choose from of excellent quality:

Scraper Mats

Decorative Mats

Custom Logo Mats

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Towel Services

Achieve better results for your cleaning needs with Service Uniform’s complete towel services. Our products feature superior durability, high absorbency, and come with top-notch maintenance:

Shop Towels

Window Towels

Microfiber Towels

Food Service Towels

Detail Towels

Facility Services

Maintain a cleaner business space with facility services from Service Uniform:

Soy Natural Grit Soap

Anti-Bacterial Foam Soap

Hand Sanitizer

Air Fresheners

Dust Mops

Service Uniform: The Best Solution for Your Business’ Biggest Needs

Your business needs never stop growing. Make it easier to keep up with your growing needs with excellent solutions from Service Uniform! We have decades of industry experience under our belt, and a team of highly qualified experts to make sure that the services you get actually meet your needs.

And with our efficient service processes, you can rely on the timeliness of your pickups and deliveries. No other Loveland service provider can give you as much support, and as much quality as Service Uniform.  

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