20 June, 2016 | Uniforms

The Look of Summer Uniforms

If you’re under the age of 10, you can hear his jingle from a mile away. No, we’re not talking about Santa, were talking about the ice cream man! With the summer heat in full swing, who isn’t craving a sweet, cold treat? As an adult his jingle may not be the song of choice, but his 1950s-styled uniform is kindly packaged with summer memories and nostalgia. Here are some of our favorite uniforms of summer and why we love them!

1. Ice Cream Man


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That white hat, that button-up shirt, who doesn’t love this classic uniform?! You won’t catch this guy in his usual uniform past Labor Day, the Ice Cream Man takes a big risk wearing all white at his job, but it only makes his job more interesting. Bet you can’t eat an entire chocolate ice cream cone without spilling!

2. Lifeguard

Ah, those hot summer days spent at the community pool. Who can forget those? And not only is a Lifeguards uniform appropriate for their job at the pool, the bright red color keeps swimmers safe as they are easy to see. Even if you have water in your eyes, it’s not hard to miss a big red blob swimming toward you!

3. Golf Caddy


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The Roaring 20’s provided America with a big change in fashion style, but they also gave us the classic Golf Caddy uniform of tall argyle socks, jodhopper pants, shirt and tie, and newsboy cap. There wasn’t a golf course in the country that didn’t have a golf caddy walking around the course in this incredible getup. Oh my, how the times have changed!

4. Baseball Umpire

The sport that once held the title of America’s Pastime, Major League Baseball will forever be the best sport to play in the summer. And what uniform is most indicative of this playful summer activity than the Baseball Umpire’s uniform? The padded black top, grey slacks, and protective facemask belong to no other sporting official. When we see an umpire’s uniform, we know it’s summertime!

5. Gardener

As soon as Spring hits, it’s time to break out the gardening uniform to make sure the bulbs get planted on time for May showers. Breathable, fabric gloves, a big straw hat, and often a long-sleeve shirt help protect avid gardeners from too much sun exposure, thusly reminding us that Summer is just around the corner.

Whether your business has a fleet of ice cream trucks, or a fleet of mechanics, Service Uniform has the perfect summer uniform for your employees to stay protected and happy during warmer weather.

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