04 April, 2022 | Safety

What Goes into Uniform Maintenance?

Uniforms are an integral part of many different industries. Without them, workers and their performance suffer. That’s why their uniforms need regular care and attention to ensure they are always up to par. But what goes into uniform maintenance? Service Uniform is here to answer that question.

The Demands of Professional Uniform Maintenance

A process so important to the function of many different businesses has its own variety of moving parts. Let’s break them down:

Detailed Tracking

A major part of ensuring that every uniform is ready for use is tracking. Laundries tend to use their own, specific systems to sort every article of clothing and monitor them for imperfections of any kind. For example, Service Uniform’s Blue Chip System uses RFID chips woven into the fabric for sorting. We also use scanners to keep track of damage and sort them into groups in need of further attention from our specialists.

Exhaustive Laundering

It goes without saying that uniform maintenance includes laundering. However, many companies use outdated machinery or bare-minimum tactics. Service Uniform uses industry-leading technology that removes stains and sanitizes items far better than most laundries. Our Star Tracking System serves as an extra line of defense, ensuring the machinery did its job properly.

Thorough Repairs

On top of cleaning every uniform, repairs are another major aspect of maintenance. Rips, tears, or general use damage require more than just machinery to fix. Service Uniform has a team of dedicated uniform maintenance experts at your disposal. They’ll repair uniforms so well that you won’t be able to tell the difference between reused ones and fresh, new ones.

Reliable Delivery and Customer Support

Uniform maintenance extends far beyond the laundry facilities it takes place in. In fact, it extends the entire distance between those facilities and the businesses they serve. One of the most important aspects of proper uniform maintenance is making sure those uniforms return to the right owners on time and without complication. Service Uniform excels at this and provides a team of customer support specialists that are available answer any questions or deal with any issues that may arise.

Sustainable Inventory Management

Arguably the most important part of proper uniform maintenance is ensuring proper, sustainable inventory management. After all, if our clients don’t have enough of what they need then it doesn’t matter how good what they do have is. Service Uniform uses sustainable practices to maintain a steady supply of uniforms for our clients. We work closely to provide them with everything they need regardless of the supply chain or other outside factors.

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