22 August, 2016 | Uniform Rental

What Story Does Your Logo Tell?

Your company’s brand is a living thing. It embodies the entire life and purpose of the business. A logo is the visual representation of that brand, and it should tell a story to each person who sees it.

The ColorIt is no surprise that different colors evoke different emotions. For instance, red enforces high energy and passion, blue demonstrates strength, and white is purity and innocence.

Shape – There are many variations which your logo may take. Vertical lines indicate strength, whereas horizontal lines present calmness. If you look further to squares vs. circles you will find that squares suggest stability and tradition in comparison to circles which are meant to show inclusivity and endurance.

Font – Your font can communicate femininity, masculinity, modernity, causality, or traditionalism. Once you can identify the approach you want your company to fall under, you can confidently choose a font.

Size Orientation – When laying out your name and slogan, make sure to play with the sizes to emphasize the most important aspects of your company. For example, our logo is large in the name and smaller in the slogan. To emphasize our family quality we have italicized the importance while still keeping the size orientation small in comparison to our name. This structure may differ between company and is important to discuss and keep an open mind to when your designer is developing your logo.


Our logo represents passion, high energy and strength throughout. Our square orientation tells the customer that we are stable in the workforce and value tradition. As far as the font goes, we touch on traditional and casual aspects with an emphasis on ‘The Family Business You Can Trust’ being italicized and outside the color scheme of the logo for extra enforcement. It is important at Service Uniform that we have a family business morale but big company service, which we believe is shown in the logo decisions we have made.

MAKE THE SWITCH! We are the family business you can trust.