19 February, 2021 | Safety

Prepare Your Business for Spring with Service Uniform

If your business isn’t prepared for spring, you’ve got a few weeks to get going!


Spring has always signaled a fresh start – in both life and business. From preparing seasonal campaigns to streamlining business events with the holidays that abound this time of the year, spring is always an exciting time for businesses.

But no activity embraces springtime more than a spring cleaning. Aside from the obvious benefits, spring cleaning is also good for your health!

How to Prepare Your Business for Spring

After the hubbub of the winter holidays, and the year we all just had, you’re probably as overwhelmed as you are eager to spring clean. There always seems to be too many things to do, too many areas to work on, and the task seems too gargantuan to even begin.

But fret not, your friends at Service Uniform are here to help you prepare your business for spring!

The secret to effective, efficient, and productive spring cleaning is to divide your tasks into smaller segments. That, and to remember that spring cleaning is as much a practice of decluttering and letting go, as it is one of organizing.

Here are some spring cleaning recommendations:

  • Curbside and Storefront. It’s the first thing that people see, and it impacts your business’s reputation. Winter will have had a significant effect on your frontage and, thus, it will require a facelift. Now is a good time to spruce up your signs and windows with a repaint, replacement, or some pressure washing.
  • Papers. Documents, brochures, old receipts – your file folders, boxes, and drawers could use some spring cleaning. Organize paper clutter by date, present or future importance, and category. Eliminate everything that proves useless and put your paper shredder to good use.
  • Digital Clutter. Your digital file folders, emails, and hard drives need just as much cleaning as your paper files. Categorize and organize your digital files in folders, back them up in the Cloud, and delete everything you no longer need.
  • Workstations. Spring cleaning your workstations should go beyond the usual mopping, wiping, and scrubbing. It should also include deep disinfection, removal of old items (mouse pads, anti-fatigue mats, etc.), and equipping them with hand hygiene essentials.
  • Flooring. After all the battering it endured during the winter season, your floors need a lot of extra TLC. They deserve a high spot on your spring cleaning priority list. Topping this list are your carpets and floor mats. Start with a professional assessment of their quality to make sure that they have not degraded into dangerous territory, i.e., worn-out backing that significantly reduces traction. Next, make sure they get a good, professional deep cleaning. Otherwise, it’s best to have them replaced with a new set of commercial floor mats. Contact Service Uniform for help with your mat supply and maintenance needs!
  • Garments. Spring cleaning offers an opportunity to take a good look at the items in your current inventory. Assess which items have a good year or two ahead of them, and which ones are better off replacing. Because spring cleaning is really all about deep cleaning, make sure to include your uniform lockers in a good and thorough run with your cleaners.
  • Restrooms. Spring cleaning restrooms should go beyond scrubbing and dousing everything in disinfectant. Your restroom spring cleaning checklist should include a thorough plumbing system checkup as well as checking the integrity of your fixtures. Make sure nothing is wobbly or sliding in place. Spring cleaning should also include replenishing your hand soap and odor control supplies. Finally, make sure to check your restroom floor mats for integrity, safety, and cleanliness.

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