26 March, 2021 | Uniform Rental

The Long-Term Benefits of Partnering with Service Uniform

The long-term benefits of uniform service through Service Uniform are many. From time and money saved to improved customer interactions.


What can you expect when you work with Service Uniform? More than just consistent quality cleanliness, that’s for sure:

Cost-Effective, Long-Term Solutions for Your Colorado Uniform Service Needs

Service Uniform offers you an array of solutions to help keep uniform management costs down. Foremost of all, you are looking at savings from the cost of upfront investments. When you’re trying to outfit an entire facility, the purchase cost can easily go through the roof.

Second, you can say goodbye to the rising cost of running your own on-premise laundry facility. We are talking about the cost of maintaining your equipment. We are talking about the cost of labor and storage. Additionally, we are talking about a whole host of other expenses that come with managing your laundry facility, both financial and otherwise. At Service Uniform, you can run your business without having to worry about your uniforms bogging you down.

High-Quality Uniforms that Exceed Your Expectations

High-quality uniforms are not hard to find. Getting them into your inventory without costing you an arm and a leg – that’s an entirely different story. With Service Uniform, you get access to a wide range of commercial and industrial garments more easily. Whatever was beyond your means before is now made easily available with our flexible rental programs.

Cleaner Uniforms for Your Daily Operations

Service Uniform is an expert in the complete, professional care of commercial uniforms. We use some of the most advanced technology in garment care available today. But more than that, we have unmatched laundry expertise founded on experience and a continuous pursuit of excellence. With Service Uniform, you can always expect consistently clean, longer-lasting uniforms for your daily operations.

Service Uniform Keeps Long-Term Uniform Service Easy

There is good Colorado uniform service, and there are better ones. And then there’s us. We’re a company with a longstanding reputation for reliability, excellence, and quality customer care.

We have industry experience that dates back to 1969. Every single one of those years has played a role in the company that we are today. Our experience has enriched the quality of service that we bring to you with each delivery. It is evident not only in the cleanliness and reliability of the items that we bring you. It is evident in our Blue Chip® system. We have crafted this system to ensure the accuracy of our services and the integrity of each item we deliver to your doorstep. No garment loss. No damaged goods.

More than that, it is evident in the way we treat you. We are attentive, dedicated, and always friendly. Most of all, we are always in the pursuit of consistently excellent results, whether it’s in making sure that each of your items is as high a quality as we guarantee, or in the way we attend to your concerns, no matter how small they may be.

We keep things easy and hassle-free. That’s just who we are: excellent, reliable, and always after your satisfaction.

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