03 November, 2022 | Floor Mats

Prepping Business Floors for Winter

As the days grow shorter, more and more needs to be done to prepare. However, prepping business floors for winter can be difficult to do on your own. Before you go looking for help, it’s best to fully examine why you might need it and what could go wrong without it. 

Here’s What Winter Means for Your Floors

Every winter, floors face a variety of issues that aren’t anywhere near as problematic during the spring and summer. Here are the three most common.

Dirtier Floors

Fall means more leaves and dirt on the floor. As it gets colder, the wind blows harder, and leaves begin falling, business floors are far more at risk. As winter approaches, this mixes with mud and road salts and gets out of control. Simply opening the door or a window is enough for messes to start building up.

More Accidents

With winter comes snow and ice. While it can be beautiful, it can lead to the danger of slippery floors inside your business. Both will melt when they spend enough time inside. Customers and employees alike will track in mud when that mixes with the dirt on their shoes. The floors will become a constant hazard and potentially lead to slip-and-fall accidents, a major problem that many businesses ignore until it is too late

Damaged Finish

No matter how prepping business floors for winter goes inside your business, floor finish still takes a beating this time of year. The high quantities of outside materials on your floors take a toll. It is not recommended that any business refinish their floors during this period of already-increased maintenance. 

Prepping Business Floors for Winter is a Lot Easier with Service Uniform

Service Uniform is the mat, mop, and towel service you need to avoid the many struggles your floors will face this time of year. We have been prepping business floors for winter since 1969. Those decades of experience have made us experts in providing high-quality products and services, such as:

  • Mat Service. Service Uniform’s mat service keeps leaves, dirt, snow, and mud out with tough bristles and absorbent material. There’s no need to worry about dirtier floors when using our mats!
  • Mop Service. Mats can’t keep floors completely clean on their own. That’s why our mop service cleans up what mats can’t. We use high-quality microfibers that pick up far more than the average mop. This means fewer slip-and-fall accidents and less maintenance.
  • Towel Service. For more contained messes and surfaces that may, for example, leak messes onto the floor, our towels are prepared for anything. They come in reusable and disposable options and both are durable enough to withstand any cleaning. 

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Service Uniform has the ideal solutions for prepping business floors for winter. Our mat, mop, and towel service is exactly what you need to avoid unnecessary headaches as the days grow shorter. Start today by calling us at 1-303-936-4701 or contact us here to receive a free quote.

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