19 February, 2021   |   Safety

Prepare Your Business for Spring with Service Uniform

If your business isn’t prepared for spring, you’ve got a few weeks to get going!  Spring has always signaled a fresh start – in both life and business. From preparing seasonal campaigns to streamlining business events with the holidays that abound th...

10 October, 2020   |   Floor Mats

Winter Mat Service in Colorado: What It Can Do

Fall is upon us, which means winter is just around the corner. Colorado winters are, undoubtedly, some of the most breathtaking you’ll find anywhere in the country. But as much as we love Colorado’s postcard winters, we certainly do not love what they do t...

08 August, 2020   |   Floor Mats

Mat Placement Guide by Service Uniform

If you think placing a big floor mat at your facility’s main entrance is good enough to stop dirt, you're in for a surprise. Not taking full and proper precautions in floor protection with floor mats jeopardizes floor cleanliness and employee safety. If y...

15 August, 2016   |   Floor Mats

10 Ways to Clean up Your Business

A messy office leaves your business disorganized and with a poor public image. It is important to keep clean for you and your employees. Throw Away Trash – Keeping your office space open and free can be as simple as throwing away unnecessary clutter. If ...

21 March, 2016   |   Floor Mats

Mud Season Isn’t Only in the Mountains

Guess what? Mud season isn’t only in the mountains. As the ice and snow melt, mud will result anywhere there’s dirt—and that’s a lot of places. Are you prepared for the onslaught of mud this season? Here are a few ways to prepare! Wear the right shoes....

13 April, 2015   |   Floor Mats

April Showers Bring… Mud

Did you know that .25 pounds of dirt and debris per 1,000 people PER DAY are tracked into commercial buildings during dry weather conditions? Imagine what wet weather conditions bring in through the front door. Floor mats are a great way to catch all that dir...

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