09 June, 2015   |   Customized Uniforms

Wicking Fabric for the Summer Heat

The rainy spring season has finally ended and summer is here! Although we’re all excited for lazy sunny days and outdoor activities, we know a few of our customers aren’t a fan of the Colorado heat, especially those who work outdoors. While it woul...

18 September, 2012   |   Moisture Wick

Touch Tex II Fabric Fights Stains

Touch Tex II One secret to our clean, long-lasting uniforms is our featured line of Red Kap’s Touch Tex II fabric technology. Touch Tex II fabric prevents stains from settling into the depths of the fabric, which eliminates the need for harsh chemicals and a...

28 August, 2012   |   Moisture Wick

Touch Tex: Soft and Durable

Touch Tex: Soft and Durable Not only does Touch Tex have moisture management characteristics, the fabric will stay soft and comfortable through washing and wearing. The moisture wicking technology will stay engrained in the fibers of the fabric, working hard t...

22 August, 2012   |   Moisture Wick

Moisture Wick: Why for Work wear?

Moisture Wick: Why for Work wear? As a garment expert, Service Uniform provides uniforms that utilize Touch Tex Technology for the benefit of their customers and their uniform program. Touch Tex Technology ensures clean garments with each wash, along with mois...

08 August, 2012   |   Moisture Wick

Red Kap’s Touch Tex Work Wear

Red Kap’s Touch Tex Work Wear At Service Uniform, we are a proud supplier of Red Kap’s Touch Tex II Shirts and Pants to fulfill your uniform and work wear needs. Why do we love Red Kap’s Touch Tex product line so much? Touch Tex offers trusted garment qu...

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