10 August, 2023   |   Service Area in CO

New and Exciting Changes to Our Plant Facility

At Service Uniform, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of our industry and continuously evolving to meet the demands and expectations of our customers. This commitment has driven us to make new and exciting changes to our plant facility. Our growth i...

21 November, 2021   |   Floor Mats

Where to Put Mats in Your Business 

Do you have the right mats for your business space? More importantly, do you know where to put mats in your business to get the most out of them?...

19 October, 2021   |   Safety

Winter Uniform Business Preparation. Are You Ready?

Is your business ready to take on the frigid months ahead of us? How is your winter uniform preparation going?  Let’s face it: winter is a season only adorable in photos. When your employees have to brave the actual temperatures of Colorado winters, uni...

22 August, 2016   |   Uniform Rental

What Story Does Your Logo Tell?

Your company’s brand is a living thing. It embodies the entire life and purpose of the business. A logo is the visual representation of that brand, and it should tell a story to each person who sees it. The Color – It is no surprise that different colo...

01 August, 2016   |   Customer Service

3 Outrageous Things We Found in the Laundry!

We know it’s easy to forget things in your pockets before sending them to the wash. However, there are some wild things you guys have left behind for us to find! What are you guilty of losing in the laundry? The Incomplete Business Transaction –We were dri...

25 July, 2016   |   Service Area in CO

The Perfect Colorado Road Trip

Summer is a time for vacations and adventures. Here in Colorado, we have access to so many destinations, that we want to hit all of them! Here is our suggestion for putting together the ultimate Colorado road trip. Glenwood Springs While we know what a pain dr...

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