14 March, 2016   |   Service Area in CO

Different Ways to Wear Green… Even With a Uniform

Fun fact: Did you know that the original color associated with St. Patrick was blue? Because of the shamrock symbol that the Saint used to teach about the Holy Trinity, we now associate him with the color green and shower ourselves in it to celebrate. And now,...

07 March, 2016   |   Customer Service

Read This Letter from Our Customers

Why is our customer service the best in the business? Because we are always available to communicate with you, and we make everything simple and easy. But don’t just take our word for it. Take a glance at what Service Uniform customers had to say about us—...

01 March, 2016   |   Customer Service

It’s in the Name! We’re Here to SERVE You

At Service Uniform, our mission is to provide outstanding customer service. Just check out the name—we’re here to serve you! We recognize that if it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t be where we are today, and we are not afraid to show our gratitude by prov...

15 February, 2016   |   Uniform Rental

New Employee? No Problem.

On-boarding a new employee can throw a wrench into day-to-day work. The down-payment needed for employee space, processing, orientation and training can be overwhelming. To help in this process, we make adding new employees hassle free. Adding a new employee, ...

08 February, 2016   |   Customized Uniforms

Valentine’s Day Around The World

We know all about Valentine’s Day here in the U.S.—flowers, chocolates, pink and red hearts—but did you know there are many versions of Valentine’s Day all around the world? Here are some ways other countries celebrate love:        ...

01 December, 2015   |   Customized Uniforms

TouchTex™ Technology

Shouldn’t your uniforms work as hard as your employees? We think so! That’s why we offer uniforms equipped with Touch Tex™ technology. Touch Tex™ is not only very comfortable, but also has the following benefits. This color retentive fabric keeps all y...

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