24 January, 2023   |   Uncategorized

Avoid the Costs of On-Premise Laundry with Service Uniform

On-premise laundry is often unreliable and a costly endeavor for businesses. This is especially true in industries such as automotive and manufacturing, where uniforms need daily cleaning. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem. Avoid the costs of on...

27 July, 2022   |   Uncategorized

A Day in the Life: RSR at Service Uniform

For stable, reliable truck driver jobs in Colorado, Service Uniform has multiple open RSR positions....

22 December, 2021   |   Just for Fun

Happy Holidays from Your Friends at Service Uniform! (Video)


16 November, 2015   |   Uncategorized

Damage Waiver for Pennies?!

Depending on the industry, uniforms go through a lot of wear and tear. It is important that your employees constantly look their best, as they are representing your company’s brand. At Service Uniform, we will repair any damages due to regular wear and tear....

26 October, 2015   |   Uncategorized

Color Psychology For Your Uniforms

Have you ever wondered how much color affects the perception of your company? Studies have shown that the color can be one of the most effective ways to draw in customers.   Displaying your company colors on packaging, products, and in your logo can creat...

14 September, 2015   |   Uncategorized

We Will Never Forget

September 11th is a day that no American will ever forget. Over the last 14 years, our country has slowly gone back to our day to day lives, but every year we look back and remember those that lives were ended due to terrorism. While this is not a day to celeb...

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