15 February, 2016   |   Uniform Rental

New Employee? No Problem.

On-boarding a new employee can throw a wrench into day-to-day work. The down-payment needed for employee space, processing, orientation and training can be overwhelming. To help in this process, we make adding new employees hassle free. Adding a new employee, ...

08 February, 2016   |   Customized Uniforms

Valentine’s Day Around The World

We know all about Valentine’s Day here in the U.S.—flowers, chocolates, pink and red hearts—but did you know there are many versions of Valentine’s Day all around the world? Here are some ways other countries celebrate love:        ...

01 February, 2016   |   Uniform Rental

RFID v. Barcodes: Who Wins?

Our efficiency at Service Uniform is amplified by our use of RDIF Chips and readers over barcodes. Many uniform rental companies rely on barcodes for each garment to organize, distribute and track their products. Barcodes are those little line and number seque...

17 August, 2015   |   Uniform Rental

In The Know

At Service Uniform, we want you to be in the know, because as Warren Buffett once surmised “risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.” Our Blue Chip Report offers honest, accurate information about your deliveries, orders, and repairs. This report e...

22 June, 2015   |   Uniform Rental

Personal Relationships Go a Long Way

NOBODY likes to sit on hold. The company you’re calling could be playing the best hold music in the world but reality is you don’t have time to sit and wait for someone to answer your question. What’s worse is when you never actually speak to...

11 June, 2015   |   Customized Uniforms

An Image that Earns Respect

Here’s a fact, not everyone can wear the American flag on their uniform. Just like the military uniform itself, the American flag is a symbol of respect. According to the United States American Flag Code, the flag patch is for military personnel, firemen...

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