25 July, 2016 | Service Area in CO

The Perfect Colorado Road Trip

Summer is a time for vacations and adventures. Here in Colorado, we have access to so many destinations, that we want to hit all of them! Here is our suggestion for putting together the ultimate Colorado road trip.

Glenwood Springs

While we know what a pain driving on I-70 can be, it is home to some of Colorado’s most beautiful views and towns. Be sure to leave on a weekday and you’ll be fine. Glenwood Springs is a must-visit destination, only three hours away from Denver. The majestic Glenwood Canyon offers amazing views of the Rockies and the Glenwood Hot Springs Resort offers a relaxing hot springs to lounge in! While you’re in the Glenwood Springs area, try out other adventures like fishing, rafting, hiking and horseback riding.

Colorado National Monument

Outside Grand Junction, on Colorado’s Western Slope, Colorado National Monument offers gorgeous red-rock formations, steep cliffs and breathtaking vistas. On your way to the National Monument, don’t pass up the many fruit and produce stands you may see on the side of the road–these fruits and veggies are the best Colorado has to offer!

Mesa Verde National Park

Are your kids interested in history? Don’t leave Mesa Verde National Park outside Durango off of your road trip itinerary. One of only 20 World Heritage sites in the US, Mesa Verde offers some of the most spectacular cliff dwellings in America, petroglyphs, and other ancient dwellings all set against a beautiful mountain background.

Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve

The Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve offers the largest sand dunes in North America–sand mountains in a sense. Play in Medano Creek that runs along the sand dunes in the summer, hike, ski, sled and snowboard down the dunes all day. Take the family camping in the middle of the dunes! A word of advice: If you’re hiking deep into the dunes, start as early as possible, so the sand and sun doesn’t burn your skin!

Here at Service Uniform, we love going on adventures. These are just a few of our favorite Colorado spots to include on our ultimate road trip. Let us know where your favorite Colorado road trip spots are on Facebook!

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