21 November, 2021 | Floor Mats

Where to Put Mats in Your Business 

Do you have the right mats for your business space? More importantly, do you know where to put mats in your business to get the most out of them?

A Definitive Guide on Floor Mat Placement in Your Business

Where you put your mats is just as important as actually getting floor mats. Here’s a quick but detailed guide on where to put mats in your business!


As for where to put mats in your business to maximize cleanliness, the entrance is the most crucial area to cover. The mats you place at the entrance are your first line of defense against the dirt and moisture tracked in from outside. Getting the best solutions for your floor care needs, however, does not just start and end with having entrance mats. The amount of mat coverage and the types of mats that you use also factor in. Ideally, your entryway needs different types of floor mats and several layers of protection. Here’s a list of your essentials:

  • Scraper Mats. Mats offer your floors their first line of defense against dirt and dust. Ideally, your floor mats should come with abrasive surfaces that scrape off the tracked-in dirt on the bottom of shoes. They should also come with a catchment layer, to keep whatever gets scraped off from the shoes. This means that impurities stay on the mats, instead of getting dispersed onto the floors. Good scraper mats will also cover your floors for the equivalent of three steps since the average person’s stride length is approximately 2.5 feet. This means that your mats should cover about 12 to 15 feet in length from the main door.
  • Custom Logo Mats. Your entrance offers you the best space to make a first impression. And floors take up a big chunk of what your customers see first when they first enter a room. That’s why the appearance of your floors – and your choice of floor mats – do matter. Custom logo mats allow you to make use of the massive floor space and place your business logo front and center. Custom logo mats offer endless design potential, giving you control of what your customers see first.

Work Stations  

Work stations are also an essential location for floor mats. This is an area that gets some of the heaviest foot traffic. And it does not take long to see the difference between the floors around work stations and the rest of your floors. That is why these floors require the protection of proper floor mats. 

However, while standard floor mats protect your floors, they do nothing for your employees. In particular, basic mats cannot protect those employees who have to be on their feet for long periods (i.e., front desk, kitchen, manufacturing stations, etc.). For these areas of your facility, you need the special function of anti-fatigue mats. These ergonomically-designed floor mats help provide cushioning and added support for the lower extremities. This leaves your employees comfortable and at a lower risk for back and leg pain even through long, grueling shifts.


It goes without saying, of course, that your restrooms need floor mats. They help keep your floors dry and clean. On top of that, specialized mats with high-traction backing material lower slip-and-fall risks for your restrooms.  

Getting the Right Mats for Your Floors

In the context of business spaces, floor mats are never just floor mats. They are essential to the safety, cleanliness, and overall appearance of your business space. That is why you need floor mats that meet the highest industry standards for quality, cleanliness, and integrity!

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