22 February, 2022 | Floor Mats

The Hidden Costs of Mat Ownership

Meeting your business’s matting needs, especially if you’re going for optimum mat placement, is expensive. It is a massive investment commitment, but what makes mat purchasing a true budgetary challenge takes place long after the transaction closes at the cash register. The hidden costs of mat ownership can upend any benefit you gain from your mats.

Here Are Some of the Hidden Costs of Mat Ownership

The old advice about purchasing being the better option over renting is hardly ever true for any business’s matting needs. And you’ll see why in this list of the hidden costs of mat ownership:

Cost of Maintenance

Maintaining your mats is never as simple as hosing them down once a week, especially not in the face of heavy foot traffic. Maintaining your mats in top-notch condition requires manpower, time, and a certain level of expertise to get the best results.

Replacement Costs

One of the most overlooked disadvantages of mat ownership is the cost of replacements. Even the best mats on the market only have a finite number of usable years in them. With heavy usage and poor maintenance, floor mats prematurely end their useful life. This requires mat owners to replace mats more frequently than is necessary. And these costs eventually add up.

The Quality-Cost Ratio

One of the biggest challenges of owning commercial floor mats is finding the perfect balance between quality and cost. As is the case with most products, higher-quality commercial mats come at a higher price. Any attempt to buy cheaper mats comes with the risk of also ending up with lower quality products. And this can result in even greater costs, in the form of floor damages, increased janitorial expenses, or worse: slip-and-fall injury expenses and claims.

Mat Rental Service: The Better Option

Fortunately, we don’t live and operate in a world where commercial mat ownership is the only option. There is always the better, more convenient, and more cost-efficient option: commercial mat rental service.

Mat rental service lets you have your floor mat supplies without the cost of purchasing, maintaining, or replacing them. Beyond that, mat rental service also comes with professional mat maintenance. Not only is it cost-effective, but it’s also convenient and completely effortless. And there’s only one Colorado commercial floor mat rental service that can give you that and more: Service Uniform!

Contact Service Uniform and Avoid the Hidden Costs of Mat Ownership

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