Why Signing Up for Uniform Service is a Great New Year’s Resolution

uniform service new years 2022

We’ve made it to 2022! As we begin the new year, many are making resolutions that will not last a month. But it doesn’t have to be that way! There are some goals for 2022 that are easily achievable and will bring your business great success. For example, finding a good uniform service to make running your business easier. Before we look at why signing up for uniform service is a great New Year’s resolution, let’s take a look at what could go wrong without it. 

This is What it Looks Like to Go Without Uniform Service

If your business has experienced or is afraid of experiencing any of these problems, then it may be time to sign up for uniform service:

Missing or Damaged Uniforms

An unavoidable problem that pervades many different industries that use uniforms is missing or damaged uniforms. They are very easy to misplace without the right tracking or inventory management systems in place. Sometimes, staff lose them at home or sometimes they place them in the wrong location and forget about them until it’s too late. 

As for damage, many uniforms are designed for rough conditions but even the best ones fall apart after a while. Without proper maintenance, this will happen faster and more frequently. When uniforms are missing or badly damaged, they become more of a liability to your business and staff than an asset.

Poor Sanitation

Many different industries need uniforms that keep their wearers clean from the grime, contagions, or chemicals they are working with. Those uniforms need regular cleaning by laundry experts, something that the average person or facility isn’t equipped to handle on their own. Without it, your staff might as well be wearing dirty plainclothes and are far more likely to become seriously ill.

An Unbalanced Budget

Running a business isn’t cheap and, in many cases, uniforms are a major reason for that. On-premise laundry costs, repairs, replacements, extra staffing, and negotiating with providers all add up.

This is Why Signing Up for Uniform Service is a Great New Year’s Resolution

Each of these problems is commonplace in businesses without the help of a uniform service. However, teaming up with an industry expert like Service Uniform is a great New Year’s resolution for any business looking for positive change. Here’s what we bring to the table:

Steady, Reliable Stock

Service Uniform takes care of inventory management for our clients. We use sustainable solutions to ensure that our reusable rental products are always available for our clients. We also repair and replace items that need it so that our clients can’t tell the difference between a brand new and reused uniform. 

Top-Notch Laundry Service

On top of maintenance, we launder every item ourselves to ensure that they are fully clean. Your staff will never need to worry about unsanitary uniforms as long as Service Uniform is doing their laundry!

Affordable Rental Service

Our rental service is far more affordable than handling everything yourself! We offer the most competitive rates in Colorado, with customer service reps available 24/7 to hash out any questions or concerns you may have. 

Contact Service Uniform Today!

Now that you know why signing up for uniform service is a great New Year’s resolution, go with Service Uniform! We have you covered with reliable, clean, and affordable uniform service. And you can start today! Call us at 303-936-4701 or reach out to us on our website here for more information on how we can help you.

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