11 December, 2020 | Uniform Rental

Uniform Service 2021: Assessing Your Needs

Uniform service in 2021 doesn’t have to be the same disappointing experience. Service Uniform offers high-quality uniforms along with the service needed to ensure they meet your every need.


Do your current uniforms and uniform service deliver the level of satisfaction that your business and employees deserve? Are the costs proportionate to the quality of service and products you are getting? The dawn of a new year is always an opportune time to rethink current contracts and look into new and better possibilities.

Update Your Expectations for Uniforms Service in 2021

Your uniform inventory is up for reevaluation. What direction should you take on that front? How can you improve this area of your business? What can you introduce into your inventory management to get better results for your brand and operations? Here are some things to consider in assessing your uniform service for 2021:

Better Garment Quality

The end-of-the-year/new-year uniform assessment should not only be about looking into the condition of your existing inventory. Of course, as is logical, you should look into which items are up for replacement. More than that, however, you should take a look at the overall design and quality of your entire inventory.

Look into opportunities in improving your uniforms with:

  • Better fabrics
  • Sustainability of materials
  • Improved functionality of uniform design
  • Overall garment aesthetic (which is ideal if you are looking at rebranding)

Increased Supply Stability

Your 2021 uniform assessment should also look into the efficiency of your supply service. Note, however, that ‘more efficient’ should not equate to ‘more expensive’. Improving efficiency simply means getting better protection against delays and shortages.

Uniform shortages can interfere with your operations, especially when the uniforms are functional or fall under the Personal Protective Equipment category as in the case of high-visibility apparel and protective outerwear. You’ll want the assurance of on-time, accurate delivery of your uniforms. Otherwise, you’ll risk going short on manpower over the lack of protective garments.


It does not matter what business or industry you are in. Cleanliness and good upkeep are non-negotiable. If your uniforms are not getting the kind of quality maintenance they deserve, either because your employees are forced to take them home or you have a subpar in-house laundry service, it is high time to consider an upgrade. If you are getting subpar, questionable laundry service for your uniforms, it is definitely time to get out of that money pit of a contract.

Proper maintenance is a major part of taking care of your employees’ wellbeing. It is also a matter of cost-efficiency. After all, properly maintained uniforms last longer and defy wear and tear better than without proper care. If you are looking to get more out of your uniform dollars, you want to look into extending their lifespan as best as you can.


Cost-efficiency should not equate to settling for lower standards on quality. Your 2021 uniform goals should look into better results for better prices – ideally lower but not necessarily. There are many ways to reduce uniform costs. One is securing your uniforms and preventing uniform losses. Another would be to give up your in-house storage and uniform laundry facility. The overhead costs of maintaining your own laundry are far greater than the cost of uniform service so the latter might be your better option.

Service Uniform is Your Best Uniform Service in 2021!

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