12 November, 2020 | Uniform Rental

Why Good Uniform Service is Hard to Find

Good uniform service is hard to find for many reasons. From quality of materials to reliability and customer service,  companies can fall short in many ways.


If you’re looking for a good, reliable uniform service provider, don’t get lost in the digital maze of uniform service searches, read on to learn why a good one is hard to find:

Too Many Options Make Good Uniform Service Hard to Find

Finding a uniform service is not an issue of a lack of options. On the contrary, too many options have become a problem! There’s a uniform service on every corner it seems. How can you tell the high-quality providers from everyone else?

A Google search delivers millions of results and, if you don’t know what to look for, you’re in for a bad time. There are a few ways this could go: you either end up taking the first company you see, the lowest price, or get stuck in an endless search through online reviews.

Many of the results lead you to multinational, corporate conglomerates with questionable consistency in quality. Online, they put their best foot forward: all smiles and thumbs up, raving reviews, maybe a time-sensitive discount. Unfortunately, these things don’t always reflect the quality of the products or services they offer.

Garment Tracking Technology

How hard is it to wash clothes and return them? Doesn’t sound complicated until you consider that a laundry company is washing thousands of garments each week. With that volume, a company using the wrong tracking technology will miss a few garments each week. Thankfully, there have been significant advancements in tracking technology over the past few years. Make sure the provider you choose is up to date.

Total Cost of the Program

Don’t get lost in the unit price of the garments. The total cost of the program is what you need to be focused on. This includes paying for lost garments and price increases. Read the language concerning price increases in the agreement. If it states the company can increase rates at any time, believe it.

Lack of Experience

Many uniform service providers you find online have just started in the service. Some are born to diversify the existing laundry/garment business; others are entirely new to the scene. And this could be a problem.

Every cent put into uniform service is hard-earned. It’s not something to just hand over to amateurs. Additionally, your brand’s image and employees’ safety and comfort hang in the balance. Do you really want to be experimented on by an inexperienced company? Can you risk your company being the “lesson learned” of another company?

Just Another Customer

The most common type of uniform providers you’ll find online are large conglomerates and franchises. After all, these companies have more marketing dime than your locally-owned, family-operated neighborhood option. While this is not exactly bad news, it is not your best option either.

It’s hard to imagine how large franchises, with corporate offices in some penthouse suite out of state, will treat your business. Finding a more personal, local experience with your uniform service is virtually impossible with these corporate Godzillas. Good luck getting through automated voice messages and fifty phone extensions before getting through to live customer support!

What to Look for in a Uniform Service Provider

Before you jump the gun on the most popular uniform service provider on your search engine results, here are some essential questions to ask:

  • Garment Tracking Process. It is important to know how the uniform provider tracks your garments in their plant to ensure they all get returned the next week.
  • Total Cost of the Program. Look for the language that speaks about price increases.
  • Experience. You’ll want to know how much they know about uniform services. Expertise and experience decide the quality of your service experience.
  • Catalog of Products and Services. Are the services and products they offer suitable for your needs? What kind of options do they offer as far as brands and designs are concerned?
  • Pricing and Rental Program Options. Not all services suit a company’s needs the same. You have to know whether their type of rental/service programs meets your needs on volume, frequency, and cost. Get a price quote for good measure.
  • Customer Support. What type of customer service are you getting? How many layers of corporate red-tape do you have to go through for your concerns or complaints? Is somebody looking out for you?
  • Customer Testimonials. Finally, there’s no better marketing tool than word of mouth. Similarly, there’s no better way to know how dependable a uniform service provider is than from the mouths of former and present customers themselves.

Service Uniform is Your Good Uniform Service Partner

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