08 February, 2016   |   Customized Uniforms

Valentine’s Day Around The World

We know all about Valentine’s Day here in the U.S.—flowers, chocolates, pink and red hearts—but did you know there are many versions of Valentine’s Day all around the world? Here are some ways other countries celebrate love:        ...

08 January, 2016   |   Customized Uniforms

Uniforms for Every Office

There are uniforms available for almost every person in your office, whether they are front-of-house or back-of-house. We work with many automotive garages, providing uniforms for both their workers and receptionists. There are uniforms for hostesses, managers...

01 December, 2015   |   Customized Uniforms

TouchTex™ Technology

Shouldn’t your uniforms work as hard as your employees? We think so! That’s why we offer uniforms equipped with Touch Tex™ technology. Touch Tex™ is not only very comfortable, but also has the following benefits. This color retentive fabric keeps all y...

15 July, 2015   |   Uniform Rental

Easy Decisions with Service Uniforms

Here’s the scenario, it’s a hot day in July and you have a decision to make: should you wear a button work shirt or polo shirt for the week? With everything you have going on at work, sometimes it might be easier to just flip a coin instead of worry about ...

09 July, 2015   |   Uniform Rental

Did You Forget Something Today?

You know those awkward dreams where you leave the house without an important piece of clothing? Like pants? Or maybe you’ve had a really rough morning and you forgot to put your socks on? We’ve all been there. Luckily, with a custom uniform rental program ...

05 July, 2015   |   Customized Uniforms

Just Like Mom and Dad Used to Do

Raise your hand if you tried to dress yourself as a child and your parents took pictures of your attempt to match articles of clothing. We all seem to have a childhood photo of us as a child trying to match overalls with a tutu or a superman costume with jeans...

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